A Broken Engagement!?
Episode Information
Romanji Kon'yaku Kaisho!?
Air Date April 10, 2008
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The Girl Who Fell From The Sky
Love Triangle

A Broken Engagement!? (Kon'yaku Kaisho!?, 婚約解消!?) is the second episode of To Love-Ru.


At the Yuuki residents, Rito wakes up only to find Lala sleeping naked next to him and falls off his bed in shock, Lala also wakes up as if it was normal but Rito is angered and ask why she was naked in his bed, she simply says that she just wanted to sleep next to him and Peke tells him that it's hard to stay as her costume all the time. Rito's little sister Mikan walks in his room and see's the naked girl, unfazed by it she leaves the room normally but probably had the wrong idea, Rito is disappointed at the fact that another misunderstanding has occurred. Peke then transforms into Lala's dress form for her to wear, Rito asks her what is she doing in his house to begin with, she explains that it's normal for people that are engaged to live together although Rito doesn't recall any sort of proposel. Then Zastin suddenly comes in throw the window and explains that according to Deviluke traditions, Rito became engaged to Lala through official procedures, which was when he touched her breasts at 8:43 am and confessed to her in the previous episode (apperently all by accident). Rito tries to explain that it was a misunderstanding but Zastin angrily denies saying that by touching Lala's breasts (who is a princess) when he doesn't even like her, would mean declaring war on the planet Deviluke and that Lala's dad (who is king on their planet and also the emperor of the galaxy) would destroy the planet Earth, putting Rito in a difficult situation. Zastin also explains that by marrying Lala would mean that Rito will take her dad's position as king and that it's not a position for weaklings and naturally tells him good luck but it's too much for him to take at once.

At his school Sainan High, Rito meets up with his friend Saruyama who notice that he's feeling depressed and thinks that Haruna might be involved, which so happens that she is coming there way, she notices Rito but looks away from him, hinting them that she might mad at Rito. After class he tries to explain to her about what happen but follows her to the girls changing room which cannot go into, elsewhere Lala appears walking around the school looking for Rito who has also gain the attention of other students especially the boys. Rito hears and comes to her asking what is she doing in school she answers that she was curious as to what school was like, Saruyama and some other boys noticed how close they are and asks Rito what is his relationship with her, Lala tell's them that she is his bride. This responce greatly shock's the boys, jealous and enrage all of the boys start chasing after him, he runs into a dead end but tell's Lala to use her Pyon-Pyon Warp-Kun to warp them out of there which they do but his clothes are left behind. Rito and Lala pop out of a locker and are both naked, Rito is shocked by and is in deeper shock when notices Haruna behind him, he tries to find a to explain but she slaps him instead.

Rito disappiontedly returns home with Lala and finds Zastin in his living room with Mikan who had been informed about Rito's engagement with the alien princess, as she gets acquainted with Lala, Rito is in a desperate situation on how to clear this whole misunderstanding. Rito get's Zastin to tell him how to cancel the engagement by saying "what if", he explains that he can cancel it within the first three days of the engagement by grabbing Lala's breasts again before the time limit of 8:43 am on the final day, so he tries to touch them without being seen. However he losses every chance he get's, as he continues to try, something inconvenient get's in his way. On the final day he has only one hour left, he decides be more responsible about it and asks Lala to come with him. By a river Rito talks to Lala about the engagement which she is very happy about, she explains that she was always getting pushed by her dad into meetings for future husbands candidates, doing things for the sake of the royal throne and that no one  tries to understand how she feels aside from Peke and even Rito who had help her escape. After hearing this, Rito is worried about how she would feel about breaking the engagement and doesn't know how to respond, suddenly his clock rings noting that his time to cancel it is up which he is very disappointed about.

The next day Rito is off to school with Zastin and his subordinates Maul and Smutts, congratulating him and Lala on thier engagement, at school he is depressed over the sudden changes in his life but feel's that school is the only place he has any peace, he also wonders what he should do about the situation with Haruna. His homeroom teacher announces a transfer student, the new student turns out to actually be Lala who just got excepted into Rito's class much to his shock and grief.

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