A Brutal Valentine's day is the fortieth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Rito is walking to school by himself on a cold valentine's day. He realizes the only person that gives him chocolate is Mikan. He hopes Haruna will give him chocolate this year but quickly shakes it off thinking its too good to be true. Meanwhile Haruna is walking to school by herself. She brought chocolate for Rito, but feels uncomfortable giving them to Rito because he is with Lala, so she decides to give them as giri chocolate. But when coming to a corner they suddenly meet and walk to school together. Rito trys to talk with Haruna but only comes up with "its a sunny day" which he criticizes himself for being awkward. Haruna also notices the absence of Lala which Rito says she had to get some stuff ready for the day and to go on without her. When they arrive they are greeted by Saruyama. He teases with Haruna on if there's honmei chocolates in her bag. Haruna gets embarrassed and runs off in a different direction. Which leaves Rito wondering about the chocolates and who there for. They walk to their class but then they are greeted by Lala carrying a large basket of homemade chocolates. She proceeds to offer a chocolate to Saruyama which he is happy about, and one to everyone in the class regardless of gender. Risa thanks her for the chocolate calling it delicious, but Mio suddenly feels strange Risa does too they suddenly proceed gently caress and embrace one another. Rito freaks out as usual and realizes the entire class is in on it too. Ren comes up to Rito tells him he's fabulous and lunges toward him he misses and hits some desks. Lala comes up to Rito and asks him that the classmates look like they are enjoying themselves, Rito says that this is not normal then she gets tackled by Risa and Mio. Just then Rito hears a scream and finds Haruna cornerd by six classmates. Rito uses his scarf to distract them while Rito takes her hand and sprint though the hallway. While being chased by a stampede of people they hide in the athletics storage room to hide from the herd of love crazed people. Rito thinks it was Lala's chocolates that caused all this, as he can't think of any other reason. But then Haruna tells Rito she getting hot. He realizes Haruna is under the effects of the chocolate too and ends on a cliffhanger.

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