Chapter 142
A Draft
TLR CH142 Cover
Volume 16
Release Date 2009
Key Character(s) Yui Kotegawa, Yami, Rito Yuuki, Shizu Murasame
Chapter Guide
Chapter 141
The Unknown Love
Chapter 143
Hand & Tail

A Draft is the one hundred and forty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yui is disciplining a senpai (Elder Class-man) of the school for having wrong school clothing and an excessive hairstyle. Yami steps in and uses her transformation powers to cut off the senpai's hair completely, but in the process, accidentally cuts off Yui's panties. Yami sees her panties fall and wants to return them, but Yui is already gone after she thanks Yami. Yui soon realizes that she does not have on underwear and goes to retrieve them.

After being verbally harassed by Risa and Mio, Yui runs into Rito, who is searching for a cute puppy around the school with Lala. She hopes that he does not see her lower body part when a draft comes in, but luckily he doesn't.

After running around the school some more (and encountering the principal, who she thinks stole her panties), she goes out in the schoolyard to see Oshizu. Rito and Lala are also there, having found the "cute" puppy. Remembering that Oshizu has a fear of dogs, Yui hopes that the dog does not bother Oshizu. Coincidentally, it does, and Oshizu gets frightened and uses her willpower to make everything goes haywire. The willpower unknowingly lifts Yui's skirt up, and Rito sees everything, but gets knocked out by a flying tea kettle. Yami says to herself that returning panties is hard. Rito recovers from his head-blow, stating that he has the feeling he saw something dreadful right before getting knocked out. She tells him to take responsibility.

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