A Girl's Feelings is the one hundred and forty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito and Lala are out shopping, and Lala tells Rito that Run and Kyouko are going to be recording a song together. Peke then reminds Lala that there is a new episode of Magical Kyouko on soon, and Lala is upset that she will miss it. Rito then tells Lala that he will finish the shopping so she can watch it. Lala thanks Rito and tells him that she love him, then flies off. Just then Risa is being bugged by a guy asking her out constantly. She sees Rito, and quickly pretends that he is her boyfriend. As thanks, Risa takes Rito to a restaurant. While eating, Risa asks Rito how far he has gone with Lala. Risa then tells Rito that while Lala acts like a child, it is Rito's job to make her an adult, which embarrasses Rito a great deal. Rito then walks Risa home, and she chooses the path that goes near all of the sleazy hotels, and other sleazy places. Risa then invites Rito in for coffee. Inside, Risa pushes Rito down onto her bed, and tells him not to hold back so much. Risa then moves into to kiss Rito, telling him that she will teach him something before Lala does. Risa then gets up laughing, saying that his reaction is cute. While walking home, Rito gets a text from Risa that says "To my darling, if you ever get enough courage, come and see me again." Rito cannot figure out whether or not she is teasing him. Back at home, Mikan is angry that he took so long with the groceries.

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