A Love Apron From Outer Space
A Love Apron From Outer Space
Episode Information
Romanji Uchū no Rabu Epuron
Air Date April 24, 2008
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Love Triangle
The Queen's Challenge
A Love Apron From outer Space (Uchū no Rabu Epuron, 宇宙のLOVEエプロン) is the fourth episode of To Love-Ru.


At a misty lake Haruna asks Rito what kind of relationship he has with Lala, he claims they has none, just as he was about to confess to her two huge balloons suddenly inflate on his face. the whole thing turned out to be Rito's dream as he woke up to find Lala naked in his bed again (with her breasts pressed onto is face) much to his shock. At breakfast, Lala gets over excited on how warm it is, Zastin then pops in explaining that as the princess of Deviluke they'd have some to check for food poisoning so the she would eat would get cold.

At school Rito is on the roof feeling depressd when suddenly Zastin comes in out of nowhere threatening him if he might have second thoughs about his engagement to Lala, Rito however denise it. Zastin then tells Rito that his marriage to Lala will make him become the next king of Deviluke he will have to take part and lead intergalactic wars in expending or defending his dominion, on both accounts he imagines himself losing and decides that he doesn't want to go through with that.

At home Mikan prepares dinner for everyone including Zastin who along with Lala have taken extreme liking to the food, Lala decides to cook food from Deviluke using whatever she can use in the fridge, however her cooking skills aren't that good as a result of burning the whole kitchen and her dish being dark gelatin-like, she has Rito to try it only to have nearly died. Rito then has an idea to avoid marrying Lala which is telling her that he won't marry someone who can't cook and that she should just go back to Deviluke. Hurt by this, Lala then flies off into space with Zastin chasing after her.

The next day, Rito tries to convince himself that it's better this way but still feels guilty for what he had said, much to his surprise Lala cheerfuly shows up at his class and takes him ealse where. Rito explains how he doesn't want to take part in intergalactic wars, although Lala explains that he doesn't have to if he doesn't want to (and that not even her dad took part in it) Rito is then mad at Zastin for scaring him. Lala states that once they're married she would stay with him on Earth, she also misinterperted what he said earlier about loving someone who's good at cooking, so she gathered ingredients from space to cook for him. she prepers herself by having Peke transform into an apron, (however she's still naked underneath so she puts on a bikini under) she gets the ingredients out of her invention Chilly-Chilly Container-Kun which is bigger on the inside.

Haruna who is searching for them for the two of them, then comes in and asks whats going on, Rito tries to explain the situation but the a huge octopus comes out of Lala's invention and grabs Haruna (who fainted in shock) and fondles with her body, Rito tries to stop it but is then also grabed by it along with Lala (who it also fondles). Zastin comes in to save them is them but is then stop by a huge squid that also came out of Lala's invention fight who fights the octopus over the two girls. Zastin gets up to fight them but is stop again by gaint lobster who also came out and fights the octopus and squid, then a giant worm like creature comes in and joins the fight causing destruction on the school, Rito claims that this is worse then an intergalactic war.

Character AppearencesEdit

Inventions usedEdit

  • Chilly-Chilly Container-Kun


  • This episode constains two references to the videogame franchise Halo: the first one is Rito with Master Chief's armor as he appears in Halo 3. The second reference are High Charity and Installation 05 during the Great Schism (in Halo 2 level called Gravemind), albeit the planet Substance is shown as a red planet instead a blue one.

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