To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 8
A Man? Woman? ~The Changing Ones~
TLRD CH8 Cover
Japanese A Man? Woman? ~変わり行くもの達~
Rōmaji A Man? Woman? -Kawari Yuku Mono-tachi-
Volume 2
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Riko Yuusaki
Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 7
Worry ~Those Feelings... Blind~
Bangaihen 1
Pollen Plan ~Dangerous Little Sister Situation~

Chapter 8: A Man? Woman? ~The Changing Ones~ is the eighth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Nemesis sits looking out a window, wonder why Yami is trying to have Mea turn over a new leaf like she has. Nemesis then says to herself that Yami will eventually realize she is a weapon, and then she will be able to truly use her transformation ability. The next day at school, Momo notices that Mea is seems to be lighting up a little, but remembers when she nearly attacked the truck driver in chapter 7. Later, the principal walks by Nana, Haruna, and Mea with a poster of Run, and Mea wonders who she is. Nana and Haruna explain that who Run is, and they explain Run/Ren's ability to change sex. Mea wonders how it's possible, and just then Lala comes up and zaps Rito with her invention. Rito is changed into a girl, and Mea is in awe. Rito yells at Lala, and demands that she change him back, but the invention is out of power. Lala tells her not to worry, and that she will be changed back to a boy in a bit. Suddenly, Saruyama comes up, and Rito runs off to avoid being seen, with Mea chasing him. Later in class, Yui asks Haruna where Rito and Lala are, and she tells her that something came up, and they had to leave early. Risa jokes that maybe they eloped, and Yui gets serious, and Haruna wonders why. Back at home, Mikan wonders why Rito is dressed as a maid, and Lala explains that Mea wanted to see "the cute side of Rito." Having not met Mea yet, Mikan wonders who she is, and just then, Mea comes in and fondles Riko, leaving Mikan speechless. Nana then explains to Mikan that Mea is her friend. Mea then starts to try and lick Riko, leaving Mikan even more confused. Later Mikan offers to make Mea tea, and she takes some, putting a bowl full of sugar-cubes in it, and stating that she has a sweet-tooth. Mea gives Celine the tea, and she takes a sip. Celine spits the tea into Riko's face, which causes her to fall into Nana. Riko asks if Nana is OK, yet somehow Nana mistakes this for being a comment about her chest, and she slaps Riko. Later Riko changes in her room, and freaks out when she sees herself naked. Riko looks in the mirror, and suddenly Momo comes out from behind her, scaring Riko. Riko asks where Mea went, and Momo tells her that Mea left to go home. Momo then asks Riko what she thinks, and why Mea is acting so friendly towards Yami's target. Momo then fondles Riko, and tells her that she will teach her the secret to a women's body. Just then, Mea is sitting in the window, and exclaims that this is what the real Momo looks like. Mea then explains that she knew they knew her true identity, and that she pretended to go home to spy on them. Mea then tells Momo to show her her secrets too. Mea then explains that she saw the real Momo in Rito's dream in chapter 3, and Rito remembers Mea in his dream. Mea then explains that she wants to be friends, and Momo wonders if she will wants to, or if it's her master's plan. Mea then states that she could even help that Harem Plan, except for when it comes to Yami. Momo realizes that she could use this to try and rope Mea's master out into the open, and believes that it is a good offer, so she agrees. Mea and Momo then start to lick Riko right as she changes back to Rito. Mikan then walks in, and wonders why Mikan and Mea are with Rito, who is naked. Momo tells her that they are just helping Rito change clothes, but Mea says that they were licking Rito. Mikan yells at both of them to leave, and for Rito to get dressed. Meanwhile, Run waits outside, wondering what all the noise is, and stating that she wants to see Rito.

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