A Rare Visitor Comes (珍客訪問, Chinkyaku hōmon) is the ninety-second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Zastin reports to Gid about Lala's life on Earth. Zastin then tells Gid that he has progressed on Rito's father's training so he can pursuit a profession of a manga artist now. Gid yells at him, telling him that the guards should not become manga artists. Lala is angered that her dad yelled at Zastin, but Zastin then tells her that he deserved it. Just then, Yami comes to the Yuuki's household. Trying to prove himself as a guard again, Zastin refuses to let Yami in, but Lala pulls him off and scolds him. Zastin then thinks to himself how he doesn't trust Yami, and how he must protect Lala. Zastin then misinterprets Lala and Yami playing a video game as Lala being endangered and rushes in to save her, but realizes he was wrong. Mikan then makes cookies and Yami agrees to make some with her next time. Zastin believes this peaceful atmosphere to be a trap, with Yami trying to gain their trust before she attacks. Yami then gives Mikan a taiyaki, and Zastin believes it to be poisoned and tackles Yami outside. Zastin the calls on Maul and Smutts, his partners/henchmen. Right as Yami is about to actually fight them, Rito runs into the middle, stopping all of them. Rito then tells Zastin that Yami is Lala's and Mikan's friend and that he won't let Zastin hurt her. Lala then comes up from behind Zastin, and punches him, Maul, and Smutts through a wall. Yami then calls Rito naive in a kind way, but reminded him that he is still her target. Zastin is then saddened that he got scolded by both Lala and Gid.

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