A Space Entertainer
A Space Entertainer
Episode Information
Romanji Uchū no Onna Geinin
Air Date June 5, 2008
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From a Shining Star, With Love
Golden Darkness (Episode)
A Space Entertainer (Uchū no Onna 'Geinin宇宙の女芸人) is the tenth episode of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

The episode begins with Rito accidentally seeing Haruna changing out of her tennis uniform, he tries to look away but starts coming on to him and wanting a kiss. It turns out the whole thing was a dream as he wakes up and finds a naked Lala next to him (who was apparently dreaming of him), to which he freaks out and faints. At the park, Rito is depressed over Lala coming to his bed every day claiming it's too much stimulation in the morning. He then see's Zastin talking to what seems to be another alien, he then follows noticing they're heading towards his house and wonders what kind of business she has there. The alien arrives at his home and is excited to see Lala, who introduces her as Stella, the president of her fan club to Mikan and Rito who had just came in.

After explaining her business as the president of Lala's fan, Mikan comments on how popular she is throughout the universe, Stella's work also involves publishing magazines of Lala and controlling obsessive fans getting too close (although she was also one). When asked why she came to Earth, she says it's to take Lala back to space and release an idol CD, however, Lala declines it saying that she wants to stay and that Rito is her fiance, a response that shock Stella and turns her into stone, Lala explains that it happens when she is suprised and will turn back in a while. A few hours later Stella turns back and hits Rito for being Lala's fiance and strangles him with her hair but stops whenever Lala came in, Stella then demands for Rito to take responsibility, though he is not okay with it.

Stella forces Rito to find her a "golden egg" (her new Idol) for her CD release though not having any who, he randomly picks girls they see though Stella does not find any of them acceptable enough which frustrates him. Stella the begins to sniff out her "golden egg" which Rito noticed that it leads to Haruna's home and tries to stop her. After seeing Haruna, Stella is determined to make her her new idol though Rito is completely against it, so he tries to stop her many times which leads to a misunderstanding with Haruna each time. Rito tries to convince her to find a better way. At his home when he discusses the situation with Lala and Mikan, the latter finds the job interesting asks if she can be one which Stella suggests a Manzai combo (comedy show) with Rito with Lala also wanting part of it who Stella thinks is a great idea, though Rito doesn't (seeing him getting hit with a paper fan). Stella is eager go for it when she receives a call from her employee saying that the space tax agency found out about their tax evasion, this information shocks her and causes her to turn to stone again, her employee brings her back by pressing a button that actives a rocket on her, taking her back into space. Rito is then deppressed with the fact that there's a hole through his roof.

Character appearance Edit


  • When Stella became mad at Rito she had a yellow aura around her and her hair turned yellow and spiky-up, these are similar traces to the super saiyan form from the Dragon Ball anime.
  • Three of Stella's idols during her flashback resemble characters from "Alice in Wonderland".
  • When Stella "disappears" her mouth was the last thing to be seen, which is similar to how the Chesher cat from "Alice and wonderland" disappers. Both also had a big smile in doing so.

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