To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 13
Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~
TLRD CH13 Cover
Volume 4
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 2
First Love ~First Love Before You Know It~
Chapter 14
Past ~Memories Leading To Tomorrow~

Chapter 13: Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~ is the thirteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Yami is talking to the computer which controls her ship. The computer tells Yami to get some, rest, but Yami insists on training, stating that she hasn't gotten a good night sleep in a long time. Yami then wonders when the last time she slept well was, but says she can;t remember anything from before she first was sent to assassinate Rito, but she can remember everything vividly after that. Meanwhile, at school the next day, Rito thanks Rin for taking care of Mikan in the previous chapter. Then inside, Celine hand's Yami Lala's invention from chapter 143 of the original series, which stuck Rito's hand to Lala's tail. Just as Rito grabs Yami's hand, the machine activates, causing Rito and Yami's hands to act as magnets, and sticking together. Yui, Haruna, Nana, and Mea see this, and Yui is horrified, while Mea is fascinated. Yami then offers to cut Rito's hand off, but Rito obviously says no. Momo tells her that they will just have to wait until the effect wears off. Yami states that she is uncomfortable holding hands with Rito until then, but goes on with her day, dragging Rito with her to the Taiyaki shop. Momo then goes to follow them, as does Nana, but Mea can't because she has something else to do. After they go to the Taiyaki shop, Rito is embarrassed because the shop worker thought Rito was Yami's boyfriend. Yami states that she is uncomfortable too, but holding hands with Rito reminds her of her childhood. Momo, who is with Nana tagging along behind Rito and Yami, imagines being stuck to Rito, while Nana wonders why Mea didn't come with. Back at home for dinner, Lala apologizes for inconveniencing Rito and Yami because of her invention, but Yami says it's alright, and Mikan invites her to stay as long as she needs to. Just as last time, Rito has trouble eating with one hand. Nana notices this, and thinks about helping Rito, but shakes it off, wondering what she is thinking. After dinner, Yami asks Mikan if she can use their shower. Mikan is shocked that she wants to, but Yami insists that she doesn't ever skip a day. Momo is excited at the thought, and offers to go help them, but Nana objects, stating that Momo is too easy on Rito, and that she will help "to keep an eye on him". Of course, Rito is blindfolded, and Yami has to cut their clothes off. In the shower, Yami thanks Nana for helping them. Nana then notices Rito, and tells him that he has to wash himself. Nana then goes to hand him the shower nozzle, but Rito accidentally grabs her tail, causing her to go limp from the sensation. Rito realizes what he did, and lets go, but falls and slips. As is usual, Rito's blindfold comes off, and ends up landing his head on one of Yami's breasts and holds the other one. As she punches him in the face, Rito falls over, and his towel falls off, exposing his privates. He lands in front of Nana, who is quickly overwhelmed and in awe of what she sees, yet covers up her excitement by beating him up anyway. Mikan and Momo are listening outside, and they wonder what is going on in there. Later, Lala asks Nana what's wrong but Nana, who is very flustered, say that it's nothing. Mikan then has a room on the first floor set up for both Rito and Yami to sleep. Mikan tells them that Lala said the invention's effects will wear off by morning, and Yami thanks her. Mikan and Momo go up for bed, and Momo asks if Rito and Yami will be alright, and Mikan tells them that Yami is on guard, and assures Momo that they'll will be fine. Meanwhile, Rito and Yami are in the bed, and Rito can't fall asleep. He remembers the last time with Lala, and how his heart was pounding that time, but he thinks that there is a different kind of tension this time. Rito then asks Yami if she can't sleep either, and she states that she hasn't been able to sleep since she became an assassin. Rito then remembers back to chapter 77 or the original series, when Yami slept, but when she did, she was standing up, and attacked him in her sleep. Rito then realizes what a terrible world Yami has been raised in, and apologizes, even though he isn't responsible. Rito then states that up until now, he has been giving her all this advice, when in reality he had no idea what she went through as a child. Yami then mentions Doctor Tearju Lunatique, and tells Rito that holding hands with him, reminded her of her past, and of Doctor Tearju. Yami then asks Rito if he wants to talk about her past with her.

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