To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 22
After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~
TLRD CH22 Cover
Japanese After a Storm Comes a Calm ~ともだち~
Rōmaji After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Tomodachi~
Volume 6
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 21
Rain ~Again, Just Like Until Now~
Chapter 23
Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~

Chapter 22: After a Storm Comes a Calm ~Friend~ is the twenty-second chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Mikado is seen taking a shower while Tearju walks in to give her a bathrobe, she tells Mikado that Momo had just called saying that Nana is going to confront Mea, Mikado comments on how brave Nana is. Somewhere by a river, Mea is thinking about the last time she saw Nana and what she had said to her, she talks to herself about what happen and what her purpose was and that happen was for the best but notes that she feels heavy in her heart. From a far the ones Mea fought in Chapter 20 plan on setting a gravity bomb that would destroy small area to which Mea would be caught in it. Meanwhile back where Mea is she spots one of Nana's animals which she remembers meeting, she then hears Nana's voice calling her from behind who was able to find her by using said animal's sense of smell. Shocked and confused Mea wonders whats she doing here and reminds her what she had said to her before but Nana tells Mea to her out as she comes closer, Mea tells Nana to stay back and tries to scare her by attacking with a blade from her hair which only cuts one of Nana's hair scrunchies off but Nana bravely walks closer to Mea. Momo (who was hiding under a nearby bridge along with Rito) tries to come and help Nana but is stop by Rito who caught her by the tail and tells her that they have to believe in them. Mea swings her blade around Nana cutting more parts of her clothes trying to scare her but Nana continues to walk closely to her, Mea wonders why she is unable to hit her thinking that aim is off and how it's a failure for a weapon. Mea creates more blades and yells at Nana not to come any closer, she uses her psycho-dive ability by connect one of her blades to Nana's forehead thus entering her subconscious. Within her subconscious Nana is seen floating above naked and notices Rito from behind and starts molesting her. He soon melts into a gooey substance on her body and as it turns out it wasn't really Rito. Mea then appears before her saying that she created it by using a strong image from Nana's mind and realizes that it was Rito who sent her to come. She tells Nana to go home other wise she won't stop "playing around" with her. Mea tells her that they shouldn't be together any more because of life as a weapon but Nana states that it doesn't matter and was able to break free from Mea's ability and hug her telling Mea what really matters is their feelings. Nana asks Mea to become friends again and hang out like they use to. Mea says that she can't deviate from the realization that her master instilled in her that she is a weapon but Nana says to her that it's still okay and tells her "Mea is Mea". Mea feels slight change in her heart and tearfully smiles, changes her attire to her school uniform and tells Nana that it's unfair to say something like that because know she can't refuse. After seeing this Rito and Momo feel relieved that they were able to take a step forward but notice someone from behind them only to find the three guys from earlier who were planning to bomb the area all beaten up by Yami. Yami states that she was more-or-less aware of what happen to Mea and Nana to which she is grateful for. Nana and Mea come towards where Rito, Momo and Yami are and talks to Yami about what she said before how Mea could understand more about Yami by knowing what human relationship is. They both comment how peaceful it is this place is and how it is different from how they usually live and they both smile towards each other saying how they would like to stay here a little longer. Later Nana is in her bed unable to sleep yet glad that everything worked out and wonders if it was because of her hug with Rito. She nervously walks towards his room noting that it was warm in his arms and she walks inside toward his bed to lie down next to him. Much to her shock Momo was already sleeping next to him half naked. Momo then wakes up to her surprise that Nana was in the room. Furious, Nana slaps Rito calling him a beast while Momo tries to explain that it wasn't his fault. In Mea's apartment Mea tries to explain her situation with Nana to Nemesis but says that she already understands and welcomes the fact that Mea is trying to understand Yami's "heart" by living here and allows Mea to continue her life at school with Nana. Nemesis notes that through Mea she sees what lead her and Yami "astray" and says it's an emotion useless to a weapon.

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