Chapter 162.5
Chapter 162.5: Afterwards (それから) is the last bonus chapter of the To Love-Ru manga series. Usually published in the manga tankobons, this extra chapter was released in the To LOVE-Ru: Love Color! Visual Artbook.


Rito sits in the bath upset about how he was finally able to confess to Haruna, but unfortunately didn't hear it. Rito then recalls telling Lala not to tell Haruna about his love for her, and Lala says she will cheer Rito on. Rito then wonders what will happen to him next. He then recalls that the first time Lala and him met was in the bath he is in. Rito then recalls all the Ecchi moments he has had with Lala, Haruna, Yami, Run, Yui, Mikan, Kyouko, Saki, Momo, Nana, and Mikado-Sensei. Mikan then walks in telling Rito to hurry up, and wonders why he is so flustered, and mumbling "Off the scales."

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