All Men Should Be Like This!
All Men Should Be Like This!
Episode Information
Romanji Otoko to wa Kaku Arubeshi!
Air Date May 15, 2008
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All Men Should Be Like This! (Otoko to wa Kaku Arubeshi!男とはかくあるべし) is the seventh episode of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

While Rito is running late for school, he comes across a girl in boys uniform. He tells her to hurry up to school but she doesn't seem to mind, after he leaves a fly goes on the girls which causes her to sneeze. Outside the Sainan High school, someone notes that she is here. That same person turns out to be a tranfer in Rito's class named Ren Elise Jewelria, all the girls take a liking to his looks until he goes over to Lala and calls her his bride much to everyones shock, however Lala doesn't seem to known him which deeply hurts him (like being crushed by a meteorite). Saruyama then asks how does he know Lala, Ren shows a picture of him (wearing a dress) and Lala as kids, Lala then remebers him as her childhood friend "Crybaby Ren-Chan". Ren then explained all the "good times" he had with her (being used for dangerous inventions) and that she promised to marry if he becomes a man, however Lala doesn't remeber that either. However he still tries any way by proving to be a better man then Rito in pointless challenges (like ripping a manga apart and out lapping eveyone in gym). But dispite all his efforts, when asking Lala if has become man enough, she answers that she doesn't know which deeply hurts him again. 

Rito starts thinking that if Lala were to love Ren, they would go back into space and he can be with Haruna, but then snaps out of it when Ren then comes to him to talk, just when someone accidently pushed Ren causing him to kiss Rito, much to their discust. Ren then asks others opinion about what a real man should be, receaving some odd suggestions and mixing them together, when he asked Lala if he has become man enough, she insted  says he looks funny. while wondering what to, Ren comes across a theater with a movie called "Man" playing and goes to see it. After the movie ends, Ren is then moved and tries to become a men by re-enacting the movie in his own way like going through intence training. Over time Ren has become famouse, Rito advise Lala to tell him that he has become manly enough before it becomes a big deal, but Ren declines it beleaving that he himself is not a real man yet.</span>

He continues his training by gowing up against the Western Japan Banchou Gang, climbing a frigid snow-covered mountain to fight Bigfoot, doing a chicken race with Johnny the worlds fastest racer and being in a wrestling ring against odd characters (baseball player, giant robot ect) but manages to pull through. Ren (who has build a musculer body) does a 120 Kilometer run for his final trail, when he finished, Lala was about to tell how manly he is but when fly goes on his nose which causes him sneeze and transform into girl, the same girl Rito met in the begining. It turns out that Ren's alien race is a memorzean, who are able to change gender with a certain trigger (in Ren's case, he turns into Run whenever he sneeze), Lala then says that she can't say how manly a girl is.

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  • The manga that Ren ripped was based on the To Love-Ru series.
  • The movie that Ren saw is based on the movie Rocky VII.
  • This is the first episode where Lala doesn't introduce her inventions, with the exception of Peke.