An Enemy's Enemy Is An Ally!? (敵の敵は味方?, Teki no teki wa mikata?) is the seventy-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

Run waits for Rito on his way to school, because she read in a horoscope that going to school together is good. She spots Rito and Lala, who are in a hurry. Lala summons her "Sui-Sui Board-Kun," to get to school faster. The board flies past Run, knocking her over. Meanwhile, at school, Saki is arriving, when she spots Zastin, who is waiting for Lala to give her allowance. Just then, Lala and Rito come speeding down the sidewalk, knocking Zastin into the sky. While walking down the sidewalk, Run runs into Saki, and the two plan to play a prank on Lala. While Lala is mopping the floor, Run tells Saki that her tail is her weak spot. Run then walks up to Lala, and pretends to slip, spilling water on her tail. Saki then comes up and offers to dry her tail with a handkerchief. The two of them taunt Lala as she is incredibly weakened. Lala then musters up her strength and throws Saki into Run, who both crash into a wall. Just as Saki is yelling at Run for the failed prank, the two witness Yami beating up the principal. The two of them then buy Yami's services, not as an assassin, but simply to show Lala how tough the world can be with a battle.

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