To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 7
Anxious (1) ~Is This Alright~
TLRD CH24.5 Cover
Volume 6
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 24
Summer Festival ~The Beginning of The Festival~
Bangaihen 8
Anxious (2) ~Distressed Maiden and Big Brother~

Anxious (1) ~Is This Alright~ is the seventh bangaihen chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Mikan is cleaning dishes in the kitchen, when she accidentally drops a tea cup. Rito comes rushing in to see if everything is alright, but Mikan insists she just dazed off a bit, and apologizes. Later, Mikan answers a phone call from Saruyama, and goes to bring it to Rito. On her way out, she trips over a remote and lands on Rito in an embarrassing manner. As the two struggle to get up, Saruyama wonders what could possibly be going on. Later, Momo brings Rito tea and asks him if he has noticed Mikan acting different the past couple of days. Rito admits that it does seem like Mikan has been spacing out recently. Momo then list off possible things that could be preoccupying Mikan, such as school or her "coming of age". Rito then mentions how he wishes he could figure out whats wrong, by going with her too school, and Momo insists that it is a great idea. The next morning, Momo uses an invention she asked Lala to make called "Look-Look Show-Kun", to turn Rito into a pair of panties, much to his horror. Momo says that Lala truly is a genius, and contemplates wearing the panties herself. Momo then explains that she has set it up so Mikan will wear the panties, much to Rito's horror once again. Mikan puts the panties on and finished getting ready for school, and Momo tells her that Rito already left somewhere. Still shocked, Rito assures himself that the only reason he is doing this is for Mikan. At school, Mikan is walking through the hallway, when she almost trips again. By some force, Rito is able to prevent her from tripping. Mikan then runs into her friends. Rito is assured that Mikan is preoccupied with something, but he wonders if he can go the whole days disguised as a panties.

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