Bad Mood? Good Mood? (不機嫌?ご機嫌?, Fukigen? Gokigen?) is the seventy-third chapter of the To Love-Ru manga.

Summary Edit

While Lala is flirting with Rito, trying to get him to go to a Magical Kyouko event with her, Mikan watches them, seemingly in disgust. When Rito enquirers her about her attitude, she ignores him and goes out of the house for a while. Rito, realizing that he has not talked to Mikan in a while, goes to look for his sister. While out, Mikan sees a little brother and sister and asks herself why she is so irritated. Rito finally finds Mikan, and they spend some time together, with Lala and Peke tailing them. Mikan's attitude, even with the additional time together with Rito, still does not change and she asks him about his relationship with Lala and Haruna in a sudden move. Rito accidentally calls Haruna "Haruna-chan" instead of the usual "Sairenji", confirming Mikan's thoughts about Rito liking Haruna. The siblings' last stop is the park, where they reminisce on their childhood there. Lala, spying on them, overhears their conversation about the snowman they made at the park and decides to make it snow with her new invention, Kon-Kon-Snow-kun. Mikan secretly thanks Lala and Rito for cheering her up. At the end, Lala forgets to turn Snow-kun off and a huge snowstorm sends the city in panic.

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