To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 12
Bad Mood ~Bonds Of Happiness~
TLRD CH12 Cover
Volume 3
Key Character(s) Mikan Yuuki
Rin Kujou
Momo Belia Deviluke
Rito Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 11
True Self ~True Face In Darkness~
Bangaihen 2
First Love ~First Love Before You Know It~

Chapter 12: Bad Mood ~Bonds Of Happiness~ is the twelfth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Rin, Saki's friend and guard, talks to her on the phone, and learns that Saki will be spending time with her father. Rin then stops and notices that it will be a hot day today. Meanwhile, as typical in the Yuuki residence in the morning, Momo has snuck into Rito's bed while he was asleep. Rito is having a reoccurring dream of eating sweets, which leads him to grab Momo, and lick her tail. Rito then comes close to kissing Momo, thinking that he is eating ice cream. Momo considers letting him, but pushes him away, saying that it would be bad for the Harem Plan. Momo gets up and is about to leave, when Mikan walks in. Mikan wonders what she is doing in there, and Momo tries to hide under Rito's covers. Momo then walks into the bathroom where Nana is brushing her teeth, and mumbles to herself that Mikan's intuition is getting good enough to catch Momo so early in the morning. Mikan then goes to school, and goes into her locker, where she fins a bunch of love letters, which she has no desire to answer. Mikan then wonders if Momo really does love Rito, and wonders what she should do. Mikan tries to put it aside, saying that it's Rito's problem. Mikan then realizes that that's not true, and wonders why she feels so pressured. After school, Mikan goes to go shopping at the store, and goes to get Rito a new toothbrush, when she remembers that Momo bought him a new one. Mikan then wonders why she is getting so irritated, when Momo is really helping her around the house, making her life easier. Mikan then realizes that she feels like her place is slipping away. Mikan then continues walking, but starts to feel dizzy, and starts to fall. Momo comes out of a game-store nearby, after buying a love simulator, and notices Mikan falling. Momo goes to catch her, but Rin catches Mikan first, and takes her back to her house, and lets Mikan take a cold shower. Afterwards, Rin asks Mikan how she feels, and is glad to hear the symptoms have all cleared up. Mikan then sits out in the back, enjoying the cool wind. Rin then comes out with tea, and introduces herself, as does Mikan. The two recognize each other from some of the times they were together, such as at Saki's beach house (Chapter 113). While they are talking, Momo watches them from the roof. Rin then tells Mikan that Rito is a very naughty boy, who does perverted things given the chance, and Mikan tells her that he is useless at home, and would be nowhere without her. Mikan then digresses and states that that might not be the case anymore, and that Momo is taking her spot in the house. Rin then asks Mikan if she misses Rito, and Mikan says that's not completely true, while blushing. Rin then states that Mikan views Rito as someone very special, and states that Rito did help Saki when she ran away from home (Chapter 131). Mikan then says that Rito always tries his best at everything, and recalls a time three years back, when Mikan got separated from him at the pool. Rito then came running up to Mikan, sweating profusely, as he was afraid Mikan might have been lured away by a bad person, or something along those lines. Mikan states that she was happy that Rito cared about her so much. Rin then tells Mikan that Rito is indeed someone who cannot be replaced to her, and that she feels the same way about Aya and Saki, and that they share very special bonds. Mikan takes this lesson to heart, shown when she blushes. Later, Rin walks Mikan part way home, before Momo comes down and tells Rin that she will help Mikan the rest of the way. Rin then tells Momo to take care of Mikan, and to take her to Rito. Momo then tells Mikan that she was worried about her, and was following her. Momo then tells Mikan that she is envious that Mikan shares such a special bond with Rito, bringing up what Rito said about her in the previous chapter, how she is so precious to him, and something more then a sister. Momo then states that she will never be able to get that close to Rito, but she hopes to try someday, and Mikan realized that Momo really does love Rito. Momo then tells Mikan that they should both sneak into Rito's room at night, and Mikan wonders how it came to this. Rito then comes running in, and Momo tells Mikan that she called him, and he couldn't stay at home, knowing that she got sick. Mikan then notices that Rito resembles himself from her story, worrying about her very much. Mikan then tells Rito to wipe his sweat, calling him "Stupid Aniki (Less formal way of saying big-brother), while smiling. Rito then asks why she called him stupid, and Mikan states that it's true, while Momo thinks that Mikan is just showing off her bonds to Rito now. Momo then stops to consider that Rin may be able to join the Harem Plan someday.

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