Beach Girls is the one hundred and thirteenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Saki has invited everyone to her beach house, and everyone is very impressed at how beautiful the beach and the resort are. The girls all go and play in the water. Rito then notes that before Lala came, he doubts that he would have been able to come to a beach with so many girls, primarily Haruna. Saruyama then tells Rito that while Lala has a great figure, he thinks Haruna has nice thighs. Ren then comes up and asks if that is all they think about. Saruyama teases Ren by pretending to forget who he is. In their mind, Run tries to convince Ren to sneeze so she can talk to Rito. Meanwhile, Mikado-Sensei calls Rito over. She then asks Rito to put some oil on her, stating that she thinks he is too pure. Mikado-Sensei then has Oshizu use her mental powers to force Rito to rub oil on her. Yui then demands that Oshizu stops controlling Rito. This scares Oshizu, causing Rito to go running out of control. Rito's hand then goes straight into Nana's chest, which causes her to get enraged, and she throws Rito into the air. Meanwhile, Saki suggests that they play some watermelon splitting. Curious, Lala accepts. Saki then thinks to herself that she has been practicing, so she may finally defeat Lala. However, just as Saki grabs a watermelon, Rito comes flying out of the air, and lands on her. Saki then beats Rito up for ruining her high-grade watermelons. Lala then asks Momo if she has a watermelon on her D-Dial. Momo then summons a giant watermelon-beast, much to the horror of everyone.

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