To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 31
Cleaning ~Magnificently and Beautiful~
TLRD CH31 Cover
Volume 8
Release Date 2013
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Rin Kujou
Mea Kurosaki
Nana Astar Deviluke
Saki Tenjouin
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Chapter 30
Resistance ~Even Thought I Understand~
Chapter 32
Danger ~Danger~

Chapter 31: Cleaning ~Magnificently and Beautiful~ is the thirty first chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Inside the Kujou household, Rin is training alone in her family's dojo when Aya rushes in to inform her of some really alarming news.

At the Yuuki home, Mikan passes by and notices everyone sitting in the living room listening to Zastin's chilling story about a "cursed demon sword". He goes on saying the cursed sword "Bladix", a blood-thristy weapon during the Great Galactic War, was known to infect its weilder's mind with madness turning them into a murderous beast with a thirst for blood. While somewhat amused, Mikan asks Zastin if the story is true. Zastin responds saying during his life as a swordsman in the Great Galactic War he has never seen such a sword himself speculating it as only an urban legend. Zastin then mentions his interest of using the story to submit as a one-shot in his second job as a manga artist. Mikan questions if whether Zastin is a swordsman or a manga artist. Nana tries convincing herself aloud the thought of cursed things as something "childish". Momo points out questioning who it was that trembled and hid behind Rito. Nana immediately yells at Momo denying such behavior. Lala nicely tells them not to fight. Mikan then receives a call from Rin.

In the Tenjouin mansion/estate, Saki gleefully welcomes someone (expecting Mikan) only to find Rito (dressed in a butler's uniform) in front of her, Rin and Aya. Disappointed, Saki complains to Rin asking her why Rito has appeared instead of his "reliable little sister". Rin apologizes saying that Mikan was busy and had Rito go in her place instead. She continues saying she herself is also hesitant amid their situation. Saki then accepts what has befallen her seeing how she was the cause of their situation. Rin asks Rito if he understands the situation. Rito responds saying (what Mikan had informed him from her call from Rin) that Saki had treated her house-servants the previous night to her own homemade meal leading them all to have stomach aches the following morning and leaving them unable to work. Rin then explains to Rito that the shortage of staff would be too difficult for her and Aya to cover alone and pleads for him to work as a butler for the day (and mentions that he will be paid). Rito wonders if he can handle the workload to which Momo responds (from behind) that she will help along with Nana, Mea, and Yami who are present (in maid outfits). Rito, surprised, asks why they are present. Momo answers saying that the workload would be too much for Rito to handle alone and decided to bring friends to help out as well. Momo goes over to Saki to express her gratitude to her for taking care of her older sister Lala (regardless of the truth) as one of the reasons for her decision to help. Saki acknowledges that Momo is a very considerate little sister of Lala which irritates Nana. Mea compliments Rito for looking very mature in his butler attire. Rito responds saying his uniform is only something he is borrowing and asks about their outfits. Nana explains that Momo was responsible for preparing their outfits. She added that Momo felt the Tenjouin maid uniforms were too orthodox lacking sex appeal. Cautious of Nana's words, Momo assures everyone that her choice of maid outfits was to relieve Saki of a supposed "burden" while secretly rubbing Nana's tail from behind to keep her silent. Unable to endure the intense feeling, Nana falls on Rito causing him to fall back towards Saki's direction. In that moment, Saki instantly senses something bad about to happen as always every time Rito falls. They end up falling down in a postion where Rito's hands are wrapped around Saki's bare chest from behind while everyone else (especially Momo) are gazing at them. Embarrassed, Saki covers herself stating that her body belongs to Zastin while Rin angrily pulls Rito away from Saki. Momo tries to convince them that the awkward situation was not Rito's fault. Aya stands by realizing that Rito was the last person they should have called for the job.

In the hallway, Nana complains about having to follow Momo and her plans. She even questions why she has to do it. Mea confidently convinces Nana that it's not everyday they get to experience being a maid. Mea then asks Yami if she agrees. Yami responds saying she could earn money to buy more taiyaki. Nana points out the problem of cleaning a huge mansion. Yami (in a unique pose) takes a deep breathe and proceeds cleaning the entire hallway herself carrying several brooms with her hair using her trans. Mea and Nana idly stand by and watch Yami's impressive cleaning skills. Yami states that it is a more efficient way to clean and asks Mea to try with her similar abilities. Nana encourages Mea to use them but Mea (even though interested) declines saying that if anyone in the mansion discovered her identity, it would be a problem. She still intends to hide the fact from everyone that she is Yami's sister after she promised her master Nemesis to live as a human. Nana assures Mea that it should not be a problem since some people (including herself and Mikan) already know about her secret. While Mea agrees (even adding that Nemesis would not prevent her from telling anyone), she feels her major concern is that whether she would continue to live a normal school life the moment everyone discovers what she is. Yami finishes cleaning the hallway adding that using her trans makes her hungry and proceeds to clean normally as well. Nana contently watches Mea and Yami walk off sensing their sisterly bond and follows confidently to help clean with them.

In Saki's room, Momo notices a painting on the wall and asks Saki if it's supposed to be Zastin. Saki answers yes saying she painted it herself. Saki tries to convince a confused Momo that her "wonderful painting" was made with her love for Zastin. Saki is then deep in her thoughts and feelings for Zastin while Aya gives Saki her support. Momo concludes to herself that adding Saki and Aya to Rito's harem will be incredibly difficult.

In the hallway, Momo focuses her thoughts on Rin and the kind of person she is. She asseses her features and qualities as someone who is beautiful, loyal, and commited to Saki. She wonders if Rin could direct her loyalty to Rito and even imagines a situation involving Rin as a bodyguard for Rito in his sleep. Momo fantasizes the situation becoming a steamy one where Rito (still asleep with a sudden need for candy) begins groping and licking Rin (with little resistance) around her chest, neck, and other parts of her body until she is held down in an aggressively lustful manner. Momo then realizes that she is taking the fantasy too far as she is uncertain if Rito even has a chance with Rin.

In a separate room, Rito notices a large box on the table. Rin tells him that it is an antique item from an overseas art dealer delivered to Saki's father as part of his collection (so she thinks). Rito offers to carry the box someplace but Rin is reluctant to allow him to handle it and proposes she will handle it herself. She continues knowing that she can't risk letting someone like him near Saki while Rito thinks otherwise. Rito suddenly glances at Rin (who calmy reacts) and mentions how unusual it is to see her in a maid outfit. Rin responds saying it was Momo who forced her to wear it. She adds that she even shares Mikan's sentiment over not understanding Momo's character as she is not comfortable wearing frilly clothes that appear decorative and revealing. While she feels those clothes don't suit her, Rito protests saying that they look good on her and (unintentionally) adds that she is pretty making her blush. Embarrassed, Rin bursts out at Rito exclaiming that he shouldn't be saying weird things while Rito tries to be apologetic. Behind a door, Momo listens closely to their conversation and is impressed at how Rito is able to say certain things so naturally. She concludes that giving Rin her maid outfit was worth it. At that moment, Rin drops a rag by accident. Rito offers to pick it up until he begins to slip. Cautious, Rin tries to avoid another "accident" from Rito by pushing him down below her but fails to notice the mop in Rito's hand has slipped inside her underwear. They end up falling down in a position where Rito has a full view of Rin's genitalia from underneath her skirt. Rito and Rin both express extreme embarrassment towards each other before Rin angrily slaps him. Momo sypathizes over Rito (believing he did well at first). While re-adjusting her underwear, Rin expresses disappointment in Rito and tells him to clean elsewhere (the study area to be specific). Rito accepts and exits the room leaving Rin by herself. At that moment, Rin is remembering her conversation with Mikan over the phone. Mikan told Rin she was unable to help her clean Saki's mansion because she already promised to make a meal for her father where he works. Rin accepted her circumstances. Mikan instead suggested that Rito go in her place. While Rin felt hesitant. Mikan explained to her that even though it's Rito, he can be reliable especially when there is trouble. But Rin (while she trusts Mikan), fails to understand if whether Rito is who Mikan says he is. Rin then opens the large box on the table and discovers a sword inside and decides to store it.

Outside the mansion, Nana and Mea are resting after finished all the work Rin had told them to do. Nana asks Mea concerning Yami's whereabouts and she answers saying that she is using her break time reading books in the study area. Suddenly, Mea senses Nemesis calling out to her from inside her head. She notices her nearby standing behind a tree wearing a similar maid outfit. Nemesis warns Mea to be cautious because she knows there is already "something" inside the mansion. Nana then asks Mea wondering what she is looking at. Mea answers pointing where her master is but Nana doesn't see anything. Mea then says her master is shy.

Inside the mansion, Rin, with a dead look in her eyes, is holding the sword in her hand. Meanwhile, Momo tries to cheer up Rito.

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