To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 1
TLRD CH1 Cover
Volume 1
Release Date 2010
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 0
Prologue ~ Prologue and Activation
Chapter 2
Doubt and Dish

Chapter 1: Continue is the first chapter of the To LOVE-Ru Darkness manga series.


Golden Darkness stands on a pole, reflecting on her life on Earth, and how long she can really stay for. Meanwhile, Mikan calls for Rito to wake up, and in his room Momo tries to do the same, telling him if he doesn't get up, she'll do something naughty to him. Rito wakes up, and Nana comes in to get him. When she sees Momo, 

Nana then jumps on Rito, and he escapes her and runs downstairs. Rito then comes downstairs to be greeted by Lala, who is naked. Rito then yells at her for walking around the house naked, and Mikan

remarks that it is like this every morning. On their way to school, Rito recalls how much rougher his life has gotten since Lala and her sisters came into it. Rito then says that the person to watch out for is Momo, because while Lala and Nana are pure hearted, Momo's intentions are not pure. Rito then states that his other problem is Yami, because he is unsure if she is still targeting him.

Haruna, Risa, Mio, and Oshizu then greet Rito and Lala. Lala then whispers to Rito to confess to Haruna while he has the chance. Rito then pulls Lala aside, and asks her what she is doing. Lala then explains that he man marry her and Haruna and they can all be happy together. Rito then tells her that he can't do that, and Lala tells Rito that she thought he loved her, and he says that's not the problem. Then Yui comes up and asks what they are doing, and Lala tells her that they are just having a chat. Rito then offers to carry books for Yui, and Lala tells him he is so kind. Then, out of nowhere, Celine jumps onto Rito, pushing him down the stairs, and face-first into Yui's panties, and Yui hits Rito. Lala then notices Nana and Momo in school uniforms, and they tell her that they transferred into school. They then explained that the principal allowed them to transfer, because they are cute girls.

Rito then recalls the previous night, when Momo snuck into his bath. In the bath, Rito contemplates what he should do. He says that he doesn't like treating his relationship with Lala as insurance, without having closer with Haruna. Rito then wonders about marry both, but says that it is too selfish. Momo then comes in and says that she disagrees. Much to his horror, Momo comes into the bath with him. Momo then tells Rito that he doesn't realize how many girls there are around him that love him. Momo then tells Rito that she is going to put together his Harem.

Back in the present, Nana and Momo introduce themselves to their new classmates. All of the guys crowd around Momo, while Nana goes and introduces herself to a girl. The girl then tells Nana that she is admiring the birds in the sky, and Nana explains that she can talk to animals. This mysterious girl instantly believes what Nana says saying that is "wonderful". The girl introduces herself as Mea Kurosaki, and she and Nana hit it off.

Meanwhile Momo considers how to change Rito in order to help the Harem Plan. Momo then realizes that this is the only way to make everyone, including herself, happy. Momo then goes up and tries to strike up friendly conversation with Yami, but Yami says that Mikan is all the friend she needs. Momo then thinks to herself that having Yami fall for Rito would help the Harem Plan, and she needs to figure out if she actually still considers Rito her target. Momo then proposes to Yami that she transfer into her class. Momo tells Yami about the different events she could participate in at the school, but she pushes it to far when she says that she could get closer to Rito.

Just then, Rito comes running to them, saying that he was talking to Saruyama, when suddenly him and a bunch of other students started to attack him. Yami realizes that they are being controlled, and the person controlling them starts to talk to Yami. Meanwhile Momo throws Rito under her, and fights against the students. Momo then finishes off the students by summoning some of her plants from her D-Dial. Speaking through Saruyama's body, the mysterious person tells Yami that she knows the real her. Stating that Yami didn't finish off any of her opponents, and that Yami needs to regain her old personality. The person then tells Yami that he target, Rito, is standing right next to her. From the top of the school, Mea looks at the scene.

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