Crisis (危機 Kiki) is the seventy-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

A strange group of people tell their leader that they have found Mikado-Sensei's location on Earth, and are going to get her. On her way to school, Mikado-Sensei recalls how it has been three years since she came to Earth. On her way, everyone greets her kindly. Mikado-Sensei notices Lala trying to get Rito to test one of her inventions. Mikado-Sensei laughs at how Lala tries to do everything to please Rito, and tells her that she should use some special herbs on Rito. Lala then asks Mikado-Sensei why she came to Earth, and she tells her that she goes wherever the wind takes her. The man from earlier watches Mikado-Sensei, and tells her to be prepared. Meanwhile, Haruna helps Yui carry some books. The two are then kidnapped by two of the gang members. While Mikado-Sensei is helping some students, Lala and Rito come in looking for Yui and Haruna. Lala then invites Mikado-Sensei to have lunch with Rito and her. Suddenly, a spider-robot deploys a projector which shows the man from earlier. Mikado-Sensei then refers to the man as Keize. Keize is part of an organization known as Solgam, which is mafia, who works against Deviluke, selling illegal weapons as well as committing other serious crimes. Keize then shows Mikado-Sensei that he has Yui and Haruna kidnapped.

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