Dandy Man Dog is the one hundred and sixteenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito wakes up in bed holding onto a tail. When he looks over, it's not Lala's, but Momo's. Just then Nana gets up from the other side of the bed and starts attacking Rito for what he's doing to Momo. Lala hypocritically criticizes them from sneaking into someone's bed. The twins then tell them that they have been secretly building a living-space inside of the Yuuki's attic. They then ask if they can stay there. Mikan explains that that's fine, but she is uncertain about grocery bills. Momo then tells her that they will take care of everything, and Rito and Mikan agree. Momo then hugs Rito and Nana gets upset and goes out for a walk, and Lala notices she is upset. Nana wonders why everyone likes Rito, stating that while he is indecisive and weak, he does seem to put his life on the line for Lala. Nana then spots Haruna's dog, Maron, walking by himself. Maron then crosses the street right in front of a car. Nana then runs out and saves him, but cannot stop herself from falling over a bridge into water. Maron then thanks her, and the two introduce themselves. While trying to describe Haruna to Nana Maron says that she is in love with Rito. Just then, Haruna comes running up to Maron. Nana then realizes that Haruna likes Rito as well.

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