To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 56
Delight ~Growth of Body and Heart~
TLRD CH56 Cover
Volume 14
Release Date 2015
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Lala Satalin Deviluke
Momo Belia Deviluke
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Chapter 55
Worry ~A Step Forward~
Chapter 57
Principal ~Not a Good Day~


The day starts with Rito feeling depressed about his failed love confession to Haruna the previous day. Suddenly Lala barges into the bathroom excited about her recent growth, indicating that her body would soon return to its regular form.

While walking to school Momo patronizes herself over feeling relived that Rito's confession to Haruna failed, being so distracted that she didn't see where she was going. During swim class Risa feels up Lala, comforting her growing body, while Yui displaces anger towards Risa's "Sexual Harassment." When Haruna was about to tell Lala about her and Rito kissing, Peke alerts Lala that her body was about to have a rapid growing. Within seconds Lala's body grew to the point of when she was 14 (as stated by Peke). Risa then takes the opportunity to harass Lala in her new form, with Yui yelling at Risa again to stop.

Later Lala went up to Haruna to ask about what she wanted to tell her. After which (off panel) Haruna tells Lala that she and Rita had kissed the other day.

Momo, still feeling troubled, decided to sneak into the bathroom to have some "body contact" with Rito. However, when she went down stairs she saw a tail going into the bathroom. When Rito was washing up and heard someone come in, he fully expected to see Momo. He was however even more shocked to see that it was Lala who sneaked into the bathroom to be with him. Rito was acting extra nervous because he was seeing Lala naked at an age he had never seen her at.

When asked to was her back using her new invention "Bubbly-bubbly Soap-kun" Rito insisted her to wash herself. However, Lala countered, saying "Even though you kissed Haruna" telling him that Haruna had told her earlier that day. Rito went on to tell her that it was an accident, with Lala conferming that she knows. Rito feels awkward, thinking about when Lala asked him for a kiss. Lala express her happiness that Rito and Haruna, the two people she loves the most have kissed. Saying that although she knows the first person Rito loves is Haruna, that she also knows the second person he loves is her. She then jumps on Rito expressing that as long as she is loved by him she doesn't care who's first or second, and that her ultimate happiness is that they love each other.

Lala then goes on to say that she's waiting for her kiss too, when suddenly she feels her body acting strange and it immediately reverses back to its regular form, with Lala being extremely happy. However, her growth caused Rito to slip and hit her invention, causing soap to spray everywhere. When Lala tries to turn it off she ends up on top of Rito with her private area directly on his mouth. She then nervously screams that that is not where she wanted him to kiss her.

Outside Momo, hearing the entire conversation, has a renewed resolve to fulfill the Harem Plan, being inspired by her big sister that it doesn't matter who is first or second, but as long as she is loved by Rito, then it's good enough for her.