Demerit Points!!?? (減点 Genten) is the seventy-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Yui talks to the disciplinary committee about the lack of morals in the school, vowing that she will not let this continue. Yui starts to take measures such as confiscating magazines and things that do not relate to the school. Yui gives out demerit points for this. She also gives them out for having short skirts (even by just one centimeter in Risa's case). Lala shows Rito a new invention she made, but Yui confiscates it. Rito tries to get Yui to give it back, but Yui is still mad at Rito for the incident at Okiwana with her teleporter. Slow, Yui is becoming a pariah with her enforcement of such strict rules. While walking through the hallway, Yui runs into Saki (who is wearing an over-elegant dress), talking to Rin and Aya about love. Yui then yells at Saki for her dress, but Saki then tells Yui that she cannot understand Saki because she cannot understand love. While Yui shakes off love, she continues he enforcement (even keeping the principal in check). After school, Yui is organizing her sheets of demerit points given. Rito then walks in to get something he left behind. Rito offers to help Yui but she says that there's no need. Rito then asks Yui if she is overworking herself. Yui taken aback that he worries about her, immediately shakes this off. Yui then explains to Rito that she is still angry about the incident at Okiwana. Yui then asks Rito is he is able to take responsibility for the incident. Rito is shocked, but Yui tells him that it is a joke, and that she is relieving pressure like he told her to do. Yui then runs off, and Rito accidentally activates Lala's invention from earlier, blowing up the room. Yui then gives herself eight demerit points for being a bad girl as she puts it.

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