Double-Vision Glasses is the one hundred and ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito goes into Lala's lab to tell her that they are going to be late for school, but she is not there. Rito then finds a pair of glasses on the ground. The glasses then get stuck on Rito's face. Mikan then comes in, in her underwear for some reason. Rito asks her why she is dressed like that, and Mikan acts as if nothing's wrong and goes to school, leaving Rito to wonder. Rito then realizes that the glasses won't come off. On his way to school, Rito notices himself in a reflection wearing only underwear. Rito realizes that the glasses can see through outerwear, and Risa and Mio walk up, appearing in their underwear as well. Haruna then walks up and Rito sees her in her underwear. Rito runs off, while Risa teases Haruna, asking her if she thinks that Rito dreamt about her last night. Later, at school Run comes up to Rito, who is wearing the glasses. Run tells Rito that she has transferred into the school, and Rito can see her underwear. Run asks Rito what is with the glasses, and Rito then tells Run that the glasses are Lala's. Run is upset and tells him that they don't suit him. Rito tries to take the glasses off and changes the dial, which allows him to see Run naked, and Rito runs off screaming. Rito then runs into Saki, and then gets attacked by Rin and Aya. Rito then runs away and takes shelter on a ledge. Lala then flies up and asks Rito what he is doing there. Lala then tells Rito that the glasses are for seeing the internal-structure of her inventions. Rito then asks Lala to take off the glasses, and while she does Run comes running up. Run tries to give Rito glasses that she thinks will suit him better. Run the comes towards Rito and sneezes. Rito then sees Ren with the glasses, and screams in horror.

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