To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 2
Doubt and Dish
TLRD CH2 Cover
Volume 1
Release Date 2010
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Each Speculation

Chapter 2: Doubt And Dish is the second chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.


Mea talks to someone she refers to as her master. Mea then says that they have to turn Yami back to the way she was, and her master adds that there's only one way to do that. Momo then tells Rito about what the person who controlled Saruyama and other boys said in the last chapter, and they wonder why they are doing this. The two then wonder if in her current state, Yami would actually consider him her target seriously again, and try to finish the job. They then walk into the kitchen and see Yami holding a knife. Mikan then comes in and tells them that she promised Yami she would teach her how to cook, so Yami is spending the night to do so. Rito and Momo wonder what they should do, devising not to let their guard down. Just then, a knife comes flying between them, and Yami apologizes stating that it was an accident, which Rito and Momo wonder if it is true. Lala and Nana notice that Mikan and Yami seem to be having fun together. Nana then tells Lala that she made a new friend in school, and Lala is overjoyed for her. Momo notices that it was good for Nana and Momo to transfer to the high school, Mikan then tells Yami that she should transfer, and Momo encourages it. Yami then states that if she transfers to the high school, there will be more chances to hunt Rito down, which horrifies Momo. At dinner, Lala comments on how delicious the dinner is, and Rito and Momo notice that there is taiyaki only in his Miso Soup. Rito notices that she is staring at him, and he decides to eat it. After eating it, Rito decides to get out of the tense situation by offering to go to the convenience store, and Momo tags along. At the store, Momo tells Rito that she will protect him, because of the Harem Plan. Momo then explains to Rito that the Harem Plan is the only solution. Momo states that Lala is not the only person who loves Rito, Just then at Haruna's house, she sits looking out a window, wondering what Rito is doing. At Yui's house, she sits wondering why Rito acts the way he does, and Yuu laughs at how much she talks about Rito. Momo then tells Rito that he can make all the women around him his love slaves, and that she will help him remove all obstacles in the way. At home, Rito goes to put the facial cream in the bathroom. As he walks, he thinks about how excited Momo is about the Harem Plan, and he also realizes that it would make Lala happy at least. When he opens the door, he walks in on Yami and Mikan changing, and Mikan chases him out, calling him an idiot. Rito then goes to lie down in bed, and he notices Momo is there. Before he can do anything, she jumps on top of him. Momo then tells him that she's only trying to be his bodyguard for the night, and starts to kiss his chest, and starts to lick him. Rito throws her off of him, and she wonders if he still thinks of her as a kid. Having a hard time sleeping, Rito goes downstairs to get a glass of water, and he notices Yami, who asks if they can talk. Rito wonders if Yami is going to finish him off, but instead she starts talking about how Mikan taught her some cooking tricks. Yami says that Mikan told her to think of the person you are making the meal for when you cook it. Yami then transforms her hair into a sword, and asks how cooking with a knife is different then using her transform abilities. Interpreting this as a threat, Momo comes running in. Momo then tells Yami that she won;t let her lay a finger on Rito. Yami then tells Momo that while she likes her killing-instinct, she doesn't plan on doing anything to Rito just because of what the person in the previous chapter said. Yami then asks Rito if he liked the taiyaki soup she made for him, stating that it was an original creation by her. Rito tells her that it was tasty, and Yami says she feels relieved, and goes back inside. Momo then wonders if Yami actually does love Rito, and says that it would make the foundation of the Harem Plan much easier. The next day, Yami transfers to the high school, and she wonders what she really wants to do with Rito. She then runs into Mea, who calls her Onee-Chan (Big Sister), and tells her that her master told her that Yami is her only family. Mean then transforms her hair in the same way that Yami can, and tells Yami that she will cheer her on in her mission of finishing off Rito.

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