To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 3
Each Speculation
TLRD CH3 Cover
Volume 1
Release Date 2010
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 2
Doubt and Dish
Chapter 4
Exciting Squall

Chapter 3: Each Speculation is the third chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Nana goes up to Mea, noticing that she is happy, and Mea tells her something wonderful happened. Nana and Mea then tell each other that they are each other's first friend. Meanwhile, Yami sits recalling her meeting with Mea at the end of the previous chapter. Mea told Yami that she was created based off of her data (Hence why Mea calls Yami Onee-Chan). Mea then tells her that she will cheer her on in finishing her mission against Rito. Yami then wonders who Mea's master is, and figures that she will let Mea run around and see what she does for a bit. Yami then remembers Mea calling her family, and doubts that they will ever become like Rito and Mikan. A bunch of boys come up to Yami and flirt with her, but she slaps them, and they leave. Momo then comes up to Yami, and remarks on how popular she is, right after enrolling in school. Momo then tells Yami that she can tell her anything about anyone in school (Referring to the master that tried to get her to attack Rito). Yami tells her that this is promising, but tells Momo that she doesn't trust her that much yet. Mea and Nana notice Momo talking to Yami, and Mea says that Momo is so kind. Nana then tells her that while she may look like a kitten, she is really planning all sorts of dark plots underneath. Mea then asks Nana what kind of personality Rito has. Nana then tells her that he is a weak, indecisive, beast who constantly gropes women. Nana also states that for some reason, multiple girls like Lala or Momo like Rito. Mea then asks if he is a hopeless person, and Nana states that he has some nice qualities and moments to, and Mea questions what Nana means, while Nana struggles to figure herself out. Mean then goes to Rito's classroom to meet him in person, but he is not there. Haruna catches Mea looking in the room, and asks her what she is doing. Mea then asks where Rito is, and Haruna tells her that he is on the roof. Mea then thanks her and runs off, leaving Haruna to wonder who she is, and what she wants with Rito. Meanwhile, Rito sits on the roof, exhausted from all of the trouble he has had with Momo and Yami. Rito then remembers the Harem Plan. Rito thinks about being the next king of Deviluke, and how with Harem, Lala and Haruna would be happy. Rito then thinks about the fuss Yui would make, probably calling it shameless. Momo leaves Celine with Mikado-Sensei, and Mikado-Sensei asks Momo how Yami is adapting to high school-life. Momo tells her that she is quite and keeps to herself, and Mikado-Sensei mentions that she wants Yami to live in peace, despite all of her memories. Mikado-Sensei tells Momo to take care of Yami, and Momo says she will. Meanwhile, on the roof, Rito falls asleep, and Mea goes up to him, and uses her power to link their minds to see what kind of person he really is. Meanwhile, Yui goes up to Yami, and tells her that the school uniform looks good on her. Yami then asks Yui if it is normal not to understand your own feelings (Yami is wondering what she really wants to do with Rito). Yui tells Yami that she is in the same boat (Ironically both are thinking about Rito), and tells Yami that it's natural, and not to worry about it too much. Nana then comes up to them, and asks Yami if she has seen Mea recently. Meanwhile, Rito is in his dream, when he finds himself grabbing Mea's chest. Rito then jumps up, and Mea sees him naked, demanding to see more. Mea then tells Rito that they are inside her dream, and this is Rito recalling something that happened in the past. Mea then sees the scene in the bath from the end of chapter 1, and sees Momo's true intentions, including the Harem Plan. Back in reality, Yami gets Mea off of Rito, and warns her that if she does anything to him, she will consider her and enemy. Mea then tells her that she won't steal Rito from her, telling her that he master would get angry by that, and she runs off. Mean then recalls seeing the real Momo in the dream, just as Nana had said. Mea then realizes, that Momo wants to include Yami in the Harem Plan, which is the exact opposite of her master's plan. Mea then wonders which one of their plans will win. Momo and Yami sit wondering about their problems, and Nana wonders where Mea went, because she had planned to introduce her to Lala. Rito then sits still sleeping and dreaming on the roof of the school.

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