To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 18
Exchange ~Me and I~
TLRD CH18 Cover
Volume 5
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Haruna Sairenji
Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 17
Trigger ~Intensification of Love~
Chapter 19
Nostalgia ~Back Then, At That Place~

Chapter 18: Exchange ~Me and I~ is the eighteenth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Momo walks into Rito's classroom to see him and Haruna standing over a pile of Lala's inventions. Rito explains that Tearju asked Lala to help her with the copier, and Lala went to go look at it. Rito and Haruna decided to look over the inventions, because of how dangerous they can be. Just then, one of Lala's inventions falls off the pile, and Rito and Haruna both go to grab it. There is a sudden flash of light, and Rito and Haruna switch bodies, much to the disbelief of Momo. Lala then comes running in and thanks Rito and Haruna for watching over her inventions. Before anyone can say anything to her, she tells Rito and Haruna how sorry she is for her inventions always troubling them. Lala then looks for her "Round-Round Change-Kun," unaware that Momo is hiding it. Lala then runs out to go finish her work, and Momo looks at the invention. Momo notices that there is a timer on the machine that says the effects will end in seven hours. Momo then contemplates calling Lala back to help, but both Rito and Haruna are hesitant, noting how genuinely relieved Lala seemed, thinking that nothing went wrong. They decided that they can manage this until the effects wear off, and Momo thinks how sweet they are for doing this for Lala's sake. Momo then tells them to do their best, and that she will help them if they need it. Soon after, Rito (In Haruna's body) slips in the hallway on a banana peal, and accidentally gropes Yami. Yami states that Haruna gropes her just as Rito has, but because it is Haruna she will let it slide. Just then Risa comes up to Rito and starts to grope Haruna all over. Meanwhile, Haruna (In Rito's body) sits in class, badly needing to use the bathroom. Haruna then goes to use the bathroom, but Yui stops her right as she is about to go into the girl's bathroom by mistake. Haruna then says that she doesn't mean anything by it, and Yui starts to get suspicious. Haruna then tells Yui that she wanted to talk to her in private, and Yui wonders what it is (Think that Haruna is Rito). Yui then gets nervous, and shoves Haruna, and runs off. Meanwhile, Momo walks through the hallway, thinking about how exciting switching bodies is, and envies both Rito and Haruna. Just then, Rito (In Haruna's body) comes running up to Momo, and asks her how he is supposed to go to the bathroom. Momo then tells Rito that he should have experience from when he turned into Riko in the past, but Rito insists that he could only do it then, because it was his own body. Momo then tells him that the only other way is to wet himself. Both Rito and Haruna go to the bathroom in each others bodies, and get very flustered afterwards. Meanwhile, Lala asks Nana where Momo is, and Nana tells her that Momo told her she had some things to do. Meanwhile Rito and Haruna ask Momo how much longer is left, and where they should go, stating that if they go back to Rito's house, Lala might find out. Momo then suggests Haruna's house, and Haruna agrees. At Haruna's house, they are greeted at the door by Akiho, who tells Haruna that her boss called her, and asks Haruna if she could clean up the dishes. Akiho then notices Rito, and tells him to enjoy himself, and Haruna is shocked at what she is implying. Haruna then cleans up, and Rito talks to her about the mess Akiho left. Maron then walks in and wonders why Haruna is acting differently, and why Rito is cleaning. Maron then notices Momo's tail and tries to refrain from jumping at it. Maron cannot stop the urge, and jumps on Momo's tail and starts licking it. Haruna pulls Maron off, but steps on a bottle of mayonnaise, which completely drenches Rito. Momo then suggests that Rito uses the shower, and Haruna washes her own body, so it will be natural. Momo then adds that Maron is getting excited about all of the mayonnaise. Haruna brings Rito to the shower, and even though his eyes are closed, she is still very embarrassed, especially when she looks in the mirror. Haruna then awkwardly cleans her own body. Just then, Maron notices the invention's counter run down to zero. The two then switch back, and Rito slips, groping Haruna. Rito is shocked, and Haruna is embarrassed, so she slaps him, and Rito apologizes. Momo then admits she completely forgot about the timer, and thinks that Haruna seemed a little excited. Back at Rito's house, Lala asks Rito "It's a good thing nothing bad happened," and Mikan asks him what happened to his face, regarding the giant slap mark.

Trivia Edit

This chapter is included at 2 nd OVA of To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Series.

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