To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 4
Exciting Squall
TLRD CH4 Cover
Volume 1
Release Date 2010
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Yui Kotegawa
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 3
Each Speculation
Chapter 5
Uneasiness ~Peace And Anxiety~

Chapter 4: Exciting Squall is the fourth chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga.

Summary Edit

Nana introduces Mea to Lala, Rito, Haruna, and Yui. Haruna recalls that Mea was the girl who asked her where Rito was in the last chapter. Rito then realizes that Mea does look familiar, and wonders where he has seen her before. Nana and Yui then warn Mea that Rito is shameless and a beast. Mea then tells them that being ecchi is a desire shared by all living things, and tells Rito to teach her many things, much to the horror of everyone. Momo then considers Mea to the Harem Plan, and notices Yui's jealous with affection for Rito. Lala then tells Mea that Nana was really happy to be friends with her, so she asks Mea to take care of Nana. During all of this Yami watches from around a corner, wonder when Mea will make a move. Later, Yui is getting ready to leave, and she wonders what is wrong with Mea, and notices all the girls around Rito who are "Shameless." Rito then comes up to Yui, and asks if she wants to walk home together. Yui asks him where the others like Lala are, and Rito says that Lala and her sisters went to go check something out. Meanwhile, Momo is flying back from a Magical Kyouko show that Lala, Nana, and Celine went to. Momo then spots Rito and Yui together, and realizes this is the perfect chance to advance the Harem Plan. Momo notices that they are getting ready to part ways soon, and she also notices the principal walking a couple blocks away. Momo uses one of her flowers to increase the principal's hormones, and he starts to chase Rito and Yui. Rito then grabs Yui's hand and starts to run with her. Yui thinks to herself, that even though Rito is shameless, he always saves her when things get serious. Seeing as that they are close enough to Rito's house, Momo calms the principal with another flower. Momo then summons a giant flower that pours rain down on Rito and Yui. The two then run into Rito's house, even though there is nobody else home. Rito then asks Yui if she wants to take a shower, otherwise she could get a cold. Yui gets ready to shower, thinking about how she is taking a shower in Rito's house, with nobody else home. Rito then tells her that he left a change of clothes outside the door. Momo then uses a screen and CGI effects to make it look like there is a downpour outside, and sets a barrier up around the house so nobody else can get it too soon. Yui then comes into Rito's room, and thanks him for the shower. Rito then wonders why she is only wearing a long shirt (He had layed out a tracksuit for her, which Momo obviously tampered with). Next Momo turns the power off, and Rito trips and he falls onto Yui, and they both land on the bed. Momo then fears tha Rito has ruined her plan by moving things too fast, but she looks in and sees Yui grab on to Rito, preventing him from getting up and off of her. Yui then tells Rito that she has hated shameless people since she was younger, recalling how when she was younger, she would help the defenseless girls from all of the perverted boys. Yui then tells Rito that she has stated to realize that doing shameless things can be natural for boys, and that she tells him not to do anything shameless with another girl. Rito looks at her, speachless, and Momo is ecstatic that Yui is on fire. Momo then wonders if this could end with them going all the way, but just then, Lala, Nana, Mikan, and Celine return, wondering what the barrier is. Meanwhile, from a distance, Mea uses some sort of weapond to shoot a blast, that destroys the barrier. Inside, Rito gets up, and tells Yui that it was an accident, and that while it's not like he is against such things, this is a misunderstaning. Yui then smiles, calling him a dummie, and stating that she was just testing him, which Rito believes. Yui then thinks to herself that that was too close, and she wasn't thinking straight. Yui then smiles when she realizes Rito has an unexpected earnest side to him. Just then, the lights come back on, and Lala, Nana, Mikan, and Celine come into the room. They all stare silently at Rito and Yui. Nana then demands to know what they were doing, and they try to plea there case, mentioning that the rain caused this. Lala then tells Rito that there was no rain, and Rito and Yui wonder what is going on. Mikan then notices Momo's tail outside, and wonders if this situation was her idea. Momo then wonders what caused the barrier to fail. Meanwhile, Mea sits telling her master that she was just having fun by messing with Momo's Harem Plan. Mea's master then tells her that someone will be arriving on Earth soon, and Mea exicitingly wonders how Yami will react to this person's appearenece.

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