Exercise Elegy is the one hundred and fifteenth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

In the girl's locker room, Risa is very upset by a slight love-handle she has. Mio proposes that she asks around about some of the girl's secrets. Risa thinks it is a great idea, and teases Haruna, stating that she will also try to find a way to make her chest bigger, and Haruna facetiously thanks her. Risa asks Lala how she maintains her figure, and Lala admits that she doesn't do anything to maintain it. Peke then explains that this is a trait Lala inherited from her mother. Risa is very envious, commenting on Lala's chest, waist, and hips. Risa then teases Rito about how tempting Lala's figure is, and Haruna overhears it. Haruna then thinks off all the effort she has put into her chest growing, but notes that there have been very limited results. Rito then tells Risa that a man is making a big mistake if he looks only for appearance in a girl. Rito also notes that it's not what's on the outside that matters, but rather the inside. This shocks Haruna, Risa, and Mio, but Lala says that she knew that was how he felt. Risa then teases Rito by pulling up her skirt and asking if her wants to know what's inside of her panties. Risa then laughs at how easy it is to get a man to look. Yui then comes up and yells at Risa, telling her to refrain from doing anything that will damage the school's morals. Risa then teases Yui, that she has a very nice and morally-offensive figure. Risa then asks Run how she maintains her figure. Run then tells them that she constantly buys new exercise equipment and changing ones rapidly. Next up they ask Yami, who tells them that fighting is the key, and asks Risa if she wants to be her opponent, which Risa obviously declines. Risa also asks another student, who tells her to refrain from mid-day-snacking. Risa is upset that there's not just one surefire method, but remembers that she forgot one vital person, Mikado-Sensei. Mikado-Sensei then tells them that she doesn't concern herself with that, and then asks if she is concerned with her figure because she is in love. Risa then tells her that it's not love, but rather an adult option. Risa then tells Mikado-Sensei that she has been skipping breakfast, which Mikado-Sensei tells her is not a good option. Overhearing the conversation, Oshizu then comes in, telling them that when she was alive, there were many people who wanted to eat, but couldn't. Oshizu then tells her that losing weight is unnecessary, getting very emotional while doing so. Lala then comes up, telling Risa that she has invented a machine for losing weight, that Rito is testing. The machine resembles a mechanical-horse. Shocked, Risa then tells Oshizu that she is fine the way she is. Meanwhile, Saruyama asks a much thinner Rito if he has been working out.

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