Far Away From Earth (迷子な人びと Maigo na hitobito) is the sixty-ninth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Mikan tells Zastin that Lala and the others still haven't returned. Zastin ponders what the warp-device in Lala's lab is. Meanwhile, on Okiwana, the group splits up to search of food. Yui is still quite mad at Rito for what happened earlier at the hot spring. Lala, Yui, and Run go off in one team, with Lala giving Rito a radio in case of emergency. Saruyama decides to stick back at camp in case the monkeys come back. He does this so he can not only slack off, but so Rito and Haruna are together. Rito and Haruna have a hard time finding food. Rito then tells Haruna how he admires her leadership. Haruna explains that it is because of her father's advice when when she was younger. Suddenly, a monster tree grabs Haruna, and tries to grab Rito, but he bites it. It drops Haruna and Rito grabs her and runs off, but the tree grabs both of them. Rito tries to use Lala's radio to call her, but it is just a music-radio. Rito and Haruna are then saved by Mikado. The rest of the group meets up, and Mikado explains that she comes to Okiwana to look for medicinal herbs. Just as they all leave, Zastin teleports to the planet, with no way to return.

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