To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 2
First Love ~First Love Before You Know It~
TLRD CH12.5 Cover
Volume 3
Release Date 2011
Key Character(s) Yui Kotegawa
Haruna Sairenji
Risa Momioka
Chapter Guide
Chapter 12
Bad Mood ~Bonds Of Happiness~
Chapter 13
Adhesion ~Can't Part? Can't Let Go?~

Bangaihen: First Love ~First Love Before You Know It~ is the second bangaihen chapter of To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.

Summary Edit

Yui takes a shower, and recalls when Run said she would do whatever it took to have Rito love her in the last chapter. Yui realizes that she must make sure she protects the public morals from someone as shameless as Rito, and those around him. Yui wonders why she has to worry all the time, but also says that a public morals official's work is not easy. Yui then gets dressed, and walks out to her living room, and sees her mom and brother crying over a soap opera, remembering how special their first love was.Yui then gets irritated, and goes out for a walk. Yui wonders why her family is in that sort of mood, and shakes it off by playing with the kittens for sale in the window of a store. Suddenly Haruna comes up, and asks Yui what she's doing. Yui tells her she is just killing time, and Haruna invites her to go along to the shop where Mio works, and Yui agrees. When they arrive, Mio remarks what a rare sight it is to see just Yui and Haruna together, without anyone else. The two have a seat, and Yui remarks what a strange shop it is. Haruna laughs, and tells Yui that it was her first time going there so she was nervous, and Yui helped her out by coming along. Suddenly Risa comes up from behind Haruna, and starts to grab her chest. Risa then tells them that isn't it boring not coming here without a boyfriend, but then says that she's not one to talk. Risa then tells the two that she came here with Rito once with Rito on a date ( To Love-Ru Chapter 147). Risa then tells them that they went back to her place, and makes up what they did there. Yui then calls out Risa, telling her that while Rito is shameless, he wouldn't engage in such rash actions, and Risa laughs that she figured it out. Later, after Yui and Haruna leave the shop, they walk around town. Haruna then tells Yui that she was really surprised that Yui defended Rito, and asks her if she has realized what a nice guy Rito is. Yui blushes and recalls chapter 4, and other times Rito helped her out, stating that he is shameless but also sincere, pathetic yet reliable. Yui then remembers her mom saying that the first love is always special, as well as Yami talking to her about trying to find love, and wonders when she started to feel this way about Rito. Yui then imagines her, Rito, and Celine as a family, and realizes that she truly does love Rito. Yui then thinks back on her past, when her mom asked her if there was anyone she liked, and she told her mom that she would never engage in something so shameless as romance. Yui then utters under her breath, "How shameless of me," and Haruna wonders what she is talking about. The next day in school, Rito and Yui sweep the floor, and Yui looks at Rito blushing. Rito asks her what's wrong, and Yui says it's nothing. Suddenly Celine jumps onto Rito's face, and knocks him face-first into Yui's chest. Yui then gets irritated, and thinks to herself that she can't believe that this is her first love. She then yells at Rito for once again being shameless, and thinks to herself that she won't admit Rito is her first love of her life.


This chapter is included at Episode 8 of To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Series.

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