Flower Petal Princess is the one hundred and twenty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

The plant runs at Rito and Lala, but it trips. Rito then notices that it is sick from a lack of moisture, and asks Lala if she noticed a pond on the path, which she did. Lala then wonders if it could be dangerous, which Rito says doesn't matter, and Lala agrees. At the pond, the plant gets re-hydrated, and Rito and Lala go back on their way. On the path, Rito notices an eye watching them, and pushes Lala out of the way. The plant then grabs Rito and Peke, and Lala demands that he put them down. The plant knocks Lala away, and when she looks away, the little plant they helped is there. He then gives Lala something glowing that is growing on him. Just as the plant is about to eat Rito and Peke, Lala comes flying in and kicks the plant, freeing Rito and Peke. She then beats the plant, and throws him far away into the air. Yami, Momo, and Nana then meet up with them. Lala explains that she suddenly got her powers back when the plant-kid gave her a fruit. Momo then identifies it as a Luckberry, and the kid tells them that because they saved his life, they can have as many as they want. The group thanks him and leave on their way. The group quickly returns to Earth, but they are greeted by Mikan, who tells them that Celine had started to glow, and then she shriveled up. Rito falls to his knees, devastated. But Momo wonders that Kare-Kare should not have acted so fast. She then notices that the ball at the end of Celine is cracking open. Just them, what would appear to be a human baby girl with a flower on her head comes out, and everyone watches, shocked.

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