For Whom The Bell Rings is the one hundred and thirtieth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Mikan decorates for a Christmas party with Celine's help. Mikan then explains to Nana and Momo what she is doing. Meanwhile, Rito is out looking for Yami to invite her to the Christmas Party. Rito runs into Haruna, and invites her to the Christmas party, but Haruna explains that her parents are visiting, and she can't. Rito then heads off, while Haruna imagines a Christmas with just her and Rito. Lala and Mikan talk about Mikan's past Christmases. Mikan recalls one time in particular, when Rito got a Christmas Tree, and gave Mikan a present. Mikan cherished the present, and tells Lala that it has since been a dream of hers to have a Christmas party with a lot of people. Mikan then tells Lala that like every year, her parents won't be able to make it home for Christmas. Lala takes this into consideration. Rito then finds Yami in the library, and he begs her to come because it will surprise Mikan, and make her happy. They then go back to Rito's house. Surely enough, Mikan is surprised, and tells Yami how happy she is that she is here. Just then, Lala comes up, dressed like Santa, with a full bag. Lala opens up the bag, and Saibai and Ringo Yuuki come out, much to their kids' surprise. Lala then explains that she got Ringo from France in her ship, and Saibai got the night off because Zastin and his assistants said they could finish. Ringo then apologizes to Mikan for making her work so hard. Mikan then realizes that Rito and Lala did all this for her sake, and she thanks them. The party commences, and Ringo mistakes Celine for Rito's child.

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