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Friends is the one hundred and fifty-first chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Kuro finds Lala and the gang and points the gun seemingly at Lala. Lala is unfazed, but Rito steps in the way, not allowing Kuro to shoot. Haruna then steps in front of both of them, telling him that she won't let him shoot Rito or Lala. Yami then steps in and sends a punch, but hits Saruyama instead of Kuro. It is then revealed that Kuro's real target was a master of disguise named Karmelon, who was trying to escape from a space mafia with highly classified information. Not giving up, Karmelon turns into Nana, hoping to throw Kuro and Yami off. But Karmelon's transformation backfires, as he forgets to copy Nana's chest size, which angers Nana into beating him to a pulp. As Kuro is about to deliver the final blow, Yami stops him and says that she does not want her friends to see anymore bloodshed (except for Rito). When Celine jumps on Kuro, saying that they should all be friends, Rito tries to pry her off of him, setting off a chain reaction of ecchiness, which makes Kuro blush and see that "those people are a little too wild." Yami agrees and Kuro goes off, with Yami smiling.

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