Friends Of Love is the one hundred and twenty-second chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Lala puts the finishing touches on her and her sister's new rooms, and they are all happy that they will be living together again. Lala then goes to find Rito and Mikan to show them the new room. Lala then shows them the entrance, which is an elevator. In their new room, it is very spacious. Mikan catches on and realizes that Lala used spacial-distortion. Nana and Momo then greet them with coffee, as Lala explains the layout of the rooms. Mikan then asks Lala if she didn't like Rito's closet. Lala tells her that the thought never even crossed her mind, and that she just wanted to be closer to her sisters. Lala then tells her sisters that they are all going to study the history of Earth. Lala then jumps on Rito, telling him to take care of her and her sisters. Lala then stops and jumps off of Rito (For Haruna's sake she is trying to stop throwing herself at Rito). Noticing this, Mikan asks Rito if Lala is acting differently. Rito says that he thinks she is acting the same way, and Mikan calls him slow. While getting ready for a shower, Peke asks Lala if she moved out for Haruna's sake, which Lala admits is true. Lala also feels that this way she will learn Rito's true feelings. Lala then decides that she will tell Haruna how she really feels. Rito then walks in on Lala getting dressed and apologizes. Mikan tries to reiterate that Lala is acting strange but Rito still doesn't notice. The next day, Lala takes Haruna up on the school roof to tell her her true feeling. Lala tells Haruna that she should support her own love. Lala then tells Haruna that she will support her love, while also supporting her own love. Lala then assure Haruna that they shouldn't be scared of expressing their love for Rito to each other. Lala then tells her that they should both give it their all. As Lala walks happily through the hallway, Rito wonders if she is acting different like Mikan said.

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