From a Shining Star, With Love
From a Shining Star, With Love
Episode Information
Romanji Hikariboshi yori Ai o Komete
Air Date May 29, 2008
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The Prefect of Spotless Integrity
A Space Entertainer

From a Shinning Star, With Love (宇宙の女芸人, Uchū no Onna Geinin) is the ninth episode of To Love-Ru.

Summary Edit

A man in a rocket-suit crash lands on Earth on a woman's farm and asks her directions to Japan. She does so and out of gratitude he kisses her on the forehead and flies off. On Rito and Lala's way to school, Rito seems to have gotten a cold. They then notice the man from earlier flying around uncontrollably, so Lala tries to pass it off and hurries Rito to get to school. In school Rito still feels sick and heads to the infirmary, however the nurse wasn't present, so Lala has Peke transform into nurse clothing to fill in and goes on top of him on the bed to check his temperature. The nurse, Ryoko Mikado, comes in and thinks they are playing the "doctor game", which Rito strongly denies.

Rito seems fine after having his temperature taken and in class later, Saruyama comes in and comments how hot the nurse is and that no one knows about her private life. After school, Rito apperently is still feeling ill, while wodering what could be the cause. Then, the man in the rocket suit crash lands behind them and calls out to Lala, and while she doesn't remember him, Peke notes that he is a kirarain judging from the suit he's wearing. Lala remembers him as "Kiraraian Rocket-Kun", and he corrects her, saying his name is Pikari and claims that he is a better match for her and tries to take her to his planet. While flying, Lala uses a drill to damage his control system, causing him to fly out of control. When she falls, Lala has Peke grow wings on her back to look for Rito (who she pushed very far out of the way before Pikari came after her).

Later Pikari is depressed especially now that his rocket suit has malfunctioned, but he then meets someone who recognises his race due to the suit. This person is turns out to be Ren (still continuing his training from episode 7) who reveals himself to be a memorzian. Pikari begs for his help to give some spare parts to fix his suit, and Ren agrees to help as a man. At the Yuuki residence, Rito is having mixed delusions of what happened after he was pushed, and he begins to feel cold again. Lala notices that Pikari is approching, so she goes outside with her invention QQ-Service Ace-Kun to send him flying far away. Pikari is again depressed and injured, and he then comes across Zastin who tells him the directions to a hidden space hospital where he finds Mikado, who agrees to heal his injuries and fix his suit.

The next day Rito is sick again, so he goes to see Mikado but she is absent again, so Lala tries to fill in and check his temperature (similer to yesterday). Pikari then comes in (much to their surprise) to take Lala with him, who he knocks unconscious and traps in mid air. Just as he is about to take Lala, Mikado comes in, mad at what he's doing and ties him up in bandages. Lala then has a rocket to take the tied up Pikari back to his planet. As he blasts off, Mikado reveals that she is aware that Lala is an alien and also reveals that she's an alien herself, as well as that there are a lot of aliens secretly living on Earth and treating them is her job. She also asks Lala not to overload her with work.

Character appearance Edit

Inventions used Edit

  • Anti gravity wing system
  • QQ-Service Ace-Kun
  • AA Rocket-Kun

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