Germination is the one hundred and twenty-seventh chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Momo watches as Yami and Nana are trapped by the plants. Just then one of the plants tries to attack Momo, but she throws him to the ground and pins him down. Momo then pulls out a syringe, and injects something she calls "Insulin Alpha," into the plant. She then explains to the other plants, that the solution will cause the plant to decay from the roots up. Momo then asks which one of them wants to go next, and the plants think she is a demon, and run off, letting go of Yami and Nana. Momo then explains to them that it was just a bluff, and she coerced the plants by using a sleeping-nutrient. Meanwhile Rito and Lala are climbing, when suddenly Lala falls to her knees because she has lost almost all of her strength. Rito then insists that Lala get on his back and he will carry her. Lala jokes around calling Rito Rito-Gou (A suffix given to ships). Lala then apologizes because she feels like she is being a burden, but Rito assures her that it is alright. Lala then explains that this reminds her of a time when she was younger when she ran away into a forest. As it got darker, she got more lost, until her dad found her, and had her ride on his back to safety. Rito cannot believe that the short-statured Gid could give even Lala as a child a ride on his back. Lala explains that he use to be much bigger, but in the galactic-unification, he used up so much of his powers that he was reduced to his current appearance. Lala then tells Rito that his back makes her feel safe, which makes him blush. They then arrive at a ledge, and Rito lets Lala try and climb up to it on his back. As Lala is climbing, Rito sneezes, causes Lala to fall. Rito falls down aw well, and Lala lands on him. Lala lands so that Rito can see right up the bottom of her shirt, where she is not wearing anything. For one of the few times in the series, Lala is genuinely embarrassed by her nakedness. Lala asks Rito if he is OK, but he is speechless. Just then, a plant comes running at them. Back on Earth, Celine is getting very aggressive, and Haruna notices that she is glowing.

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