Ghi Bree
Ghi bree
Japanese ギ・ブリー
Rōmaji Gi Burī
Planet Balke
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Varied
Weight Varied
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Education Unknown
Relatives Unnamed wives (anime only)
Unnamed children (anime only)
Unusual Features - Shapeshift
- Huge lizard
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 5 (disguised as Sasuga)
Chapter 8 (true from)
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyū Mitsuaki Madono

Ghi Bree is a Balkean, and also one of the fiancé candidates of Lala. Ghi Bree first appeared in the To LOVE-Ru manga in Chapter 5 (Chapter 8 in his true form), and the sixth episode of the anime. 


Ghi Bree appears to be somewhat reptilian. In his true form, he is very small and about the size of a stuffed toy. His skin color is green and he has round, yellow eyes that are covered in a black mask-like outline. He also has big pointy ears that have two endpoints. He is shown to have bucktooth.

In his man-size form, he becomes more muscular, and the outlines in his eyes disappear. His ears become bigger and elf-like. His blue tongue gets longer which he usually sticks out. His bucktooth also disappears, and instead gets replaced with pointed teeth. 

In serious mode and super serious mode, Ghi Bree becomes even more muscular and horns start to grow from his shoulders, elbows, knees and back. Despite these transformations, his strength, however, does not increase.


Ghi Bree is somewhat of a playboy, always having his eye out for women he may like and would use his shapeshifting powers to look handsome to trick them marriage. He also seems selfish, always wanting things to go his way and not carring what other people's opinion might be. He is also devious, like when he blackmailed Rito into giving up Lala when taking Haruna hostage, for which Rito describes him being the worst. Ghi Bree seems to be scared easily, like when he reacted when Rito shouted at him.


When the news of Rito and Lala's engagement was announced in the galaxy, Ghi Bree was the first of Lala's fiancé candidates to come to Earth. So that he can talk to and blackmail Rito, he took the form of Sasuga, the tennis club adviser (in the anime, he took the form of the Principal ), and took Haruna as his hostage. He used slimy tentacles to restrict her movements (while also doing ecchi things to her). He then called out Rito to come to the sports shed where he was holding Haruna captive. When Rito came, Ghi Bree demanded Rito to cancel his engagement with Lala. However, when Rito saw what he was doing to Haruna, he became enraged and refused to give Lala to her. Then, Lala came bursting in the sports shed together with her invention, Sniff Sniff Trace-kun, which she used to track Rito to the shed. Again, Ghi Bree tried blackmailing Lala into marrying her in exchange for Haruna, which Lala refused. So, Ghi Bree transformed himself into a much larger and muscular version to intimidate Rito and Lala. When Lala was about to fight him, Rito, with his fear now overcome with anger, stopped her and said that he would distract Ghi Bree then instructed Lala to run with Haruna. When Ghi Bree heard that Rito would like to fight him, he enlarged himself even more, but Rito did not back down and came charging at him. When Rito was about to punch him, he suddenly shrieked and apologized, surprising Rito and stopping his attack. After Ghi Bree realized what he had done, he corrected himself by saying that he meant that even if Rito apologized, he would not forgive Rito. Rito gave him a blank stare then suddenly shocked him with a scary face. This made Ghi Bree slip on the tennis balls that were lying on the floor. Slowly, Ghi Bree got smaller and revealed his true form as a Balkean, an alien who is naturally weak in exchange for their ability to mimic accurately. Lala then flushes Ghi Bree down Slosh Slosh Warp-kun and warps him into space.

In the anime, he had multiple wives and kids who had come in, where they were also flushed by Lala's invention and teleported to a ship in space where Zastin was bathing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shapshifting: Ghi Bree has the ability to transform into anything he likes. He usually uses his mimicry ability to transform himself into something scary to intimidate his opponents, however it would be bad if they manage to stan up to him because no matter what shape and size he takes, his true strength remains weak. He also uses his mimicry to deceive others by transforming into someone they know. In the anime, it was revealed that Ghi Bree uses this ability to seduce females from other planets by transforming into handsome creatures of their race, although it's unknown why he didn't bother doing this to seduce Lala.
  • Psychic Beam: Ghi Bree can shoot a psychic beam from his mouth that easily knocks out whoever it hits.
  • Enhanced Smell: Ghi Bree also has a great sense of smell as he could track Lala's scent around the school.


  • In the manga, Ghi Bree had shapshifted to look like Sasuga, while in the anime he had transformed into the Principal.
  • Within his man-sized form, he always sees to end his sentences with "fushuu".