Chapter 144
Ghost Versus
TLR CH144 Cover
Volume 17
Release Date 2009
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki, Shizu Murasame, Zastin, Lala Satalin Deviluke, Momo Belia Deviluke
Chapter Guide
Chapter 143
Hand & Tail
Chapter 145
The Things Projected In Those Eyes

Ghost Versus is the one hundred and forty-fourth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Oshizu visits the Yuuki house because Mikado asked her to get some herbs, and since Momo has a lot of plants in her D-Dial, Oshizu though she might have them. Zastin then comes down with a ghostly face, and gives Lala her allowance. Oshizu then suggests that he may have been possessed. The group then goes into Zastin's apartment, and his assistants are beaten up. In his room, Zastin reads ecchi magazines. Oshizu then demands that the evil spirit leave Zastin's body, but Zastin asks what spirit. Just then, the spirit possessing him is overcome by all of the girls' beauty and runs over to them. He then runs over and tears Lala and Momo's shirts off. They both hide behind Rito, and Zastin gets mad at him. Nana then tries to snap him out of it, but she is angered when he tells her that flat chested girls don't interest him. He then uses his will power to throw Nana at Rito, who she promptly beats up. Zastin then jumps at Lala and Momo, but Oshizu blasts him out of the room with her will power. The man then explains to Oshizu that when he was alive, he was brushed off by five-hundred women, and all he wants to do is feel natural breasts. Oshizu then tells him that if he wants, he can touch her body. Right as he is about to, she grabs his arm, and pulls both of them out of their bodies. Oshizu then burns him, which causes him to run off, proclaiming all women to be liars, which saddens Oshizu. Peke fixes Lala and Momo's clothes, and Lala thanks Oshizu, who feels bad for lying. The group then wonders where Zastin is. Zastin is being chased by a police officer for indecency.

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