Girl of Blaze ~Magical Kyouko - Flame~ (爆熱少女マジカルキョーコ炎?) / Infiltration ~Kyouko in Trouble?~ (Infiltration〜キョーコ! 参る?〜?) / Adhesion ~But no Ill Intent~ (Adhesion〜悪気はないけど〜?) is the 4th To Love Ru: Darkness OVA of the To Love-Ru series. The OVA was released with the Darkness manga's ninth volume on December 4, 2013.


Girl of Blaze ~Magical Kyouko - Flame~Edit

Run messages Rito about starring in an upcoming Magical Kyouko episode and wants Rito to watch it. During the taping, Run puts all of her heart into her acting for Rito which causes her costume to fall off. Kirisaki covers up by going ad libitum to Run. After the taping and a few incidents, Kirisaki tells Run that she understands her intent and advises her to concentrate. During broadcasting, Lala enjoys the show while Rito and Momo are shocked to see the principal sneaking onto the set for Run and Kirisaki.

Infiltration ~Kyouko in Trouble?~Edit

Kirisaki arrives at Sainan High School to give a lecture about working as an idol. After the event, Tearju asks Rito to guide Kirisaki around the school which Rito reluctantly agrees to. Rito does not know Kirisaki's main purpose was to observe Rito for a day. As Rito guides Kirisaki through the hallways, he gets unwanted stares from other jealous students. They both come across the principal who initially acts docile but suddenly runs after Kirisaki, making the morals committee discipline him. Afterwards, Morenitsu asks Kirisaki for her autograph and draws the attention of many male students, creating a large crowd around Kirisaki. Rito rescues Kirisaki from suffocation and tries to escape from the other male students. Lala senses danger and uses her invention to teleport them into a locker partly naked. Momo helps recover their clothes, but Kirisaki runs home in embarrassment. The next day, Run tells Kirisaki that she experienced similar events in the past. The memories of Rito carrying Kirisaki come into Kirisaki's mind, but Kirisaki quickly brushes it off.

Adhesion ~But no Ill Intent~Edit

An animal with wriggly arms approaches Mikan and Yami. Yami prepares to attack until Nana identifies the animal as Meda-Q. Meda-Q has interest in Yami and wants to cling to her. As Yami gives in, she shows signs of fear. Later, when Rito brings home taiyaki for Mikan and Meda-Q eats it, Meda-Q goes berserk and quickly overpowers Yami, groping her breasts and removing her panties, molesting her in the process by placing it's tentacles on her exposed privates. This subdues Yami, and, as they attempt to help Yami, Mikan and Rito are also caught and firmly held by Meda-Q. Afterwards, everyone question Yami's fear of wriggly animals, but Yami declines to explain. Azenda, who learns about Yami's weakness, tries to exploit it but get instantly defeated by Yami.

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