To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 9
Girl of Blaze Magical Kyoko ~Flame~
TLRD CH27.5 Cover
Volume 7
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Kyouko Kirisaki
Run Elsie Jewelria
Chapter Guide
Chapter 27
Adventure ~Rito Mouse's Adventure~
Chapter 28
Infiltration ~Kyouko! In Trouble!?~

Bangaihen 9: Girl of Blaze Magical Kyoko ~Flame~ is the ninth bangaihen chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


Run writes an E-mail to Rito about how her job as an idol and that she is currently doing a Magical Kyouko shoot, re-starring as her role as the villain Blue Metallia and hopes that he would watch it. She is a little discomfort because her costume feels tight (probably because she ate some cream puffs earlier). Run's manager calls her as they are about to start rolling, after sending the E-mail from to Rito, Run is determined to look good on camera. As they are about to start filming, Run sees Kyouko and waves hello, Kyouko waves back wishing her good luck. While filming, Magical Kyouko is outnumbered and is attack by a huge cyborg cat until it is stopped by Blue Metallia (the character that Run plays) who claims that she will be the one to defeat Kyouko, as the enemies attacks her Run notes that she hasn't done an action scene in a while and motivates herself to do her best since Rito will be watching. Everyone is impressed by her movements but as she is pushed back her costume slips exposing her breasts, Kyouko steps in (who was the only one who noticed) and uses her flames as a distraction, the producer noticed that what they did was not part of the script but the director enjoys the idea about two rivals fighting together and allows it to continue filming.

Suddenly the one in the cyborg cat costume turns out to be the Principal (who sneaked into the set to get closer to Run and Kyouko), as he rips parts of his costume off and runs over towards Run and Kyouko half naked. Much to their shock, Kyouko burns the Principal  to keep him away, the director goes along with the episode as it is and changes the script. Run and Kyouko are now in the shower discussing about today's performance, Kyouko noticed that Run was thinking about Rito during her act because of how much spirit she put into it but comments on how it trucked out. Kyouko tells her that it's to polish herself for Rito, but she also needs to concentrate more on her acting when in the middle of a shoot, Kyouko wonders if she could help her out as a friend. At the Yuuki Residence, as Rito comes down to watch the Magical Kyouko episode with Run in it, Momo comments on how well her career is going and asks him how does he feel about monopolizing an idol which he tells her to stop teasing him. As they are watching the episode, they see the Principal getting burned by Kyouko on TV, both Rito and Momo are wondering why he is there.


  • This chapter is included in the fourth OVA of To Love-Ru Darkness Anime Series.
  • This chapter seems to take place before Darkness Chapter 28.

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