Golden Darkness
S01E11 - Yami Hair Transform
Episode Information
Romanji Konjiki no Yami
Air Date June 12, 2008
Season 1
Character Debut Golden Darkness
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A Space Entertainer
A Frightening Field Day!

Golden Darkness (Konjiki no Yami, 金色の闇) is the eleventh episode of To Love-Ru.


A blonde haired girl in black clothing is seen floating down, landing on top of a pole and observing the view and commenting what a peaceful planet it is. At the Yuuki residence, Zastin gives Lala her monthly allowance and wonders where Rito is, and Mikan says that he went out shopping. While shopping, Rito comes across Haruna and offers to help, which she accepts. As he helps her, Rito feels happy being close to her and admires how cute she is. Afterwards they then go their separate way ways, which Rito is depressed about. After completing his shopping list he buys some taiyaki, and on his way home he comes across the same blonde haired girl in the beginning and notices her staring at him, so he thinks she wants some taiyaki and offers her one. The girl comments how earth food is weird which stuns Rito. He is stunned even more when the girl knows his name. She turns her hand into a blade to hit him but when he manages to dodge it, Rito realizes that she is an alien. She then states that someone asked her to kill him, thus revealing herself as an assassin.

The assassin chases Rito through town attempting to kill him, however he quickly dodges her every attack. She asks him why he doesn't retaliate against her even though he is supposed to be an atrocious fiend, which confuses Rito. Her attack is then blocked by Zastin just in time to save Rito. While the two fight, Lala comes in and clings to Rito and asks what's going on, when Mikado comes in and answers that the assassin is called Golden Darkness, who has the trans-ability (power to change any part of her into a weapon) and that it's best not to get involved. She also tells Rito to come to her if he has any injuries (even though his life is at stake). The fight between Zastin and Golden Darkness continues and just when Zastin thinks he has the upper hand, he falls down a man hole. Golden Darkness flies to where Rito is to finish the job but Lala declares herself as her next opponent.

The fight gets intense as it causes property damage wherever they go (and Rito gets in a misunderstanding after breaking through a women's bath house). Lala fights back using her inventions like Sticky-Gooey Launcher-Kun to shoot goo at Golden Darkness, but she misses and hits Rito in the face. Lala then uses Grabby-Grubby Hand-Kun to catch Golden Darkness but she avoids it by jumping back and the Principal gets a clear view of her panties, much to her displeasure, so she attacks him multiple times. This serves as an opening for Lala as she uses Spinny-Spinny Rope-Kun to trap her but Golden Darkness cuts herself free. Golden Darkness asks Lala why is she protecting Rito since she was told by her client that Rito threatened Lala and that he planned to rule over Deviluke. However, Lala claims that Rito isn't that kind of person. Thinking back to when he offered her taiyaki, Golden Darkness may think otherwise as well, but she states that she will still do as ordered and tells Lala that "a princess raised in sheltered environment" can't understand the difficulty of living alone, to which Lala responds that what was what prompted her to leave her home in the first place.

A flying saucer then comes in with an echoing voice telling Golden Darkness that her opponent isn't Lala. The pilot of the saucer comes down from the ship revealing himself as Lacospo, who Lala is familiar with (being one of her fiancee candidates). Lala asks if he is "Yami-Chan's" client, to which he replies that he did it for Lala and asks to marry her, but Lala angrily declines, saying he's the worst for trying to have Rito killed. Lacospo is then mad at Golden Darkness for not killing Rito sooner. Golden Darkness tells him that the data she got from him about Rito is different from what she experienced and asks if he had lied, and while he denies it being a lie, Lala tells her otherwise. Fearing that Golden Darkness might disobey him, Lacospo calls his giant pet frog "Gama-Tan" and Peke recognizes its species (a rare colored frog) as her natural enemy since it's saliva can dissolve clothes.

Golden Darkness tries to fight it but gets her clothes partially burnt and lands on Rito in an ecchi manner and hits him for it, Lacospo has Gama attack her from behind (attempting to dissolve all her clothes) but is blocked by Lala thus having her own clothes dissolved which Lacospo gets overly excited. He tries to make her completely naked but is blocked by Rito this time and his clothes are dissolved (down to his boxers), he gets mad at Lacospo and punches him but is thrown back by Gama, just before Lacospo orders him to steps on Rito, Lala continuously punches both him and Gama and sends them flying. Golden Darkness asks Lala why she protected her, she answers that it was all Lacospo's for doing such things to a cute girl like Yami-chan, she blushes noting the first time being called cute. Rito says that she can return to space now that Lacospo is gone, however she doesn't feel the need to and declares that she will stay on Earth until she finishes' the job to assassinate him.

Character appearanceEdit

Inventions usedEdit

  • D-Dial
  • Sticky-Gooey Lancher-kun
  • Grabby-Grubby Hand-Kun

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