Happening Weather is the one hundred and thirty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Yuu Kotegawa calls Akiho Sairenji asking if she wants to go out on Sunday, but she apologizes and tells him that she already had plans for that day. Yui then sees Riko being chased by Yami. Back to one hour before, Rito accidentally walked in on Mikan and Yami, while Yami was trying on some clothes. Rito then ran out the room, and Lala accidentally zapped him with her invention, turning him into Riki. Rito loses Yami around a corner, but the principal is there, and moves in for a kiss. Just then, Yuu pulls Riko behind him, and punches the principal in the face. Riko then thanks Yuu, referring to him as Yui's Aniki (Older Brother). This causes Yuu to ask if Riko is a friend of Yui's and notices that she looks like someone he knows (Rito). Just then, the invention's effects wear off, and Riko is transformed back into Rito, much to Yuu's disbelief. Rito explains his story to Yuu, and even though it's unbelievable, he saw it with his own eyes and accepts it. Just as the two formally introduce themselves, Yami comes up. Yuu thinks that Yami's clothes are awesome, but Rito gets up telling him that she is dangerous. As usual, Rito trips and falls face first into Yami's chest. Yami then beats up both Rito and Yuu. Yami then tells Rito that if she killed him, her life on Earth would end, and she tells him not to anger her. Rito then tells Yuu Yami's story, and Yuu remarks that Rito has got it rough. Yuu then tells Rito that at least his life isn't boring, and that if he ever needs to talk, he can come and see him. Yami then notices that they still have some energy, and the two run off.

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