Hearthrob Survival (ドキドキ♥サバイバル Dokidoki♥SABAIBARU) is the sixty-eighth chapter of To Love-Ru.


Zastin, the group's only hope, is too busy working with Rito's father, trying to finish a manga before the deadline. Meanwhile, the group takes shelter in a cave. While Lala is describing their plan, she tells Yui to cheer up. Yui tells Lala to leave her alone because it is all her fault. Lala then gets very quiet and apologizes, surprising Yui. Haruna then brings fruit over, and Peke scans it to make sure it is safe. The scan proves positive, and they eat. Haruna reassures Lala that it's not her fault and that everything will be alright. Lala is very happy, and thanks Haruna. Rito, Saruyama and Run all go to set up camp. While Yui contemplates to herself, Rito and Saruyama spend thirty minutes trying to start a fire. They manage to get a couple embers but it goes out. Lala then uses her all-purpose-tool to quickly light a fire. The girls make beds out of bunches of leaves. While out, Rito and Saruyama come across a hot spring. They let the girls go in first (Saruyama has the intent to peek). While in the spring, Yui apologizes to Lala for what she said earlier. Lala then jumps on Yui. While peeking, Saruyama sees one of the monkeys from earlier. Trying to get revenge, Saruyama goes after it, pushing Rito into the hot spring. When Rito looks up, Lala, Yui, Haruna, and Run are all looking shocked at him. Yui calls Rito a shameless pervert, and punches him. Meanwhile, Saruyama lost to the monkey.

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