Trouble X Trouble X To Love Ru is the one hundred and third of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Run is walking through town seeing a lot of couples around, and she wonders where Rito is. Just them a man names Sakau Hitoshi comes up to her and gives him his card for Sparkling Entertainment. Run then tells Lala, Haruna, Risa, Mio, and Oshizu that she is going to become an idol. Saruyama then asks for her autograph, but she snubs him to tell Rito that she will become the biggest idol for Rito. Run then imagines Rito and her in love after she becomes an idol. Run then preforms a song on a TV show called "Metamorphosis of Love," Quickly Run's success is growing, within weeks, her CD climes to the top of the charts. While talking about her success, Peke asks Lala why she doesn't become an idol. Lala says that she thinks that it is more fun to be like Rito and Mikan. Rito, Lala, and Mikan then go to see Run's show nearby. While Run takes the stage, the principal, Motemitsu, and a couple other fans storm it and chase after Run. Rito and Lala go to help. Rito takes Run and runs, while Lala tries to control the crowd. The crowd then goes wild over Lala and starts a mosh pit with her. Rito and Run lose the group in an allyway, and Run jumps onto Rito, hugging him. Run is ecstatic that Rito saved her. Run then moves in to try and kiss Rito, but he breaks away, telling her it's better if she didn't. Run then tells Rito that she has to get back to the stage, because while she originally became an idol to impress Rito, now she actually enjoys it. Rito is happy that Run is enjoying her success. When they return, Lala is up on the stage, which annoys Run greatly.

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