In The Fog is the one hundred and twenty-sixth chapter of To Love-Ru.

Plot Edit

Rito wakes up to find Lala, naked, holding onto him. Lala then finds Peke, knocked out. Lala then notices that due to the fog, None of their electrical-equipment will work. Rito then gives her his sweatshirt to cover herself up. Lala is touched by this, and thinks to herself that it's warm, and thanks Rito. Rito and Lala find a giant plant stem, and they figure they have to climb up it. Just then, Lala falls to her knees, and she tells Rito that all of her strength is gone. Rito then gives Lala his hand, telling her that it would be bad if she missed her footing. Meanwhile: Yami, Nana, and Momo look for Rito and Lala. Momo then fears that if the pollen was what she thinks it was, that all of Lala's strength would be gone. Just then, Yami tries to transform to fight the plants, but the fog causes her abilities to fail. Yami then resolves to fighting using her martial arts. Two of the plants then ambush them, catching Yami and Nana. Neither one can break free because Yami is grabbed by a slimy tentacle, and Nana is being tickled. Overhearing the plants talk about eating Yami and Momo, Momo is sent into a very sadistic-mode. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure watches Rito and Lala walking.

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