To LOVE-ru Darkness
Chapter 28
Infiltration ~Kyouko in Trouble!?~
TLRD CH28 Cover
Volume 7
Key Character(s) Rito Yuuki
Kyouko Kirisaki
Momo Belia Deviluke
Nana Astar Deviluke
Mea Kurosaki
Chapter Guide
Bangaihen 9
Girl of Blaze Magical Kyoko ~Flame~
Bangaihen 10
It Feels ~Teacher Who Endures~

Chapter 28: Infiltration ~Kyouko! In Trouble!?~ is the twenty-eighth chapter in the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


At Sainan High, Kyouko pays a visit to the school to give a lecture. Momo recalls that she has already met Rito in the past, noticing this Mea asks if she is also a harem candidate which Nana overhears but Momo tries to pass it off as a "game". Later Rito is assigned by Tearju to give Kyouko (who asked for him personally) a tour around the school. During her tour, they are spotted by many students who (mostly the males) are angry and jealous of who Rito is close to Kyouko, he wonders if she is OK with him giving the tour, however her real intention for coming is to find out what she can about him for Run. Kyouko asks Rito what he does in his days off, he answers that is mostly free so then she asks him to go out with her which surprises him all of a sudden, however she was just joking and says that Run would get mad that happened, she also notices that he has pure heart from seeing him blushing.

The Principal  then comes over to Kyouko and thanks her for the lecture earlier, just when she thinks that he's relatively normal at school, he strips his clothes off to assault her, she was just about use her fire powers on him until Yui and the disciplinary committee show up and stop the Principal them selves and she tells Rito to take Kyouko away. They manage to get away, however Taizou comes in flirting with her and asks for Kyouko's autograph, then more and more fans start coming on to her in a pile making it hard for to breath. However Rito tries to stop them, manages to save Kyouko and runs away from the swarm of fans while carrying her like a princess which she never had and blushes over it.

In the classroom Lala and friends talk about how Rito is with Kyouko, Risa thinks that something might happen like her sexually coming on to him, Haruna yells at her for saying such weird things. Lala sees Rito with Kyouko being chased by rampaging fans out side, they come across Momo when Lala summons her invention Gone-Gone Hoop-Kun to teleport them away but Momo notices that some of their clothes wear left behind. Rito and Kyouko are teleported half naked inside a locker within the classroom, he is worried about the situation if they are discovered especial if Haruna sees them, he then notes that Kyouko is similar to Haruna with a different hair style which reacts to causing a noise from Kyouko that Risa hears.

Just when she was about to open the locker, a smoke suddenly busts up causing everyone to evacuate, the smoke was caused by Momo who brought them their clothes, they meet up on the roof along with Nana (who used one of her pets to track them) and Mea. Kyouko, who is embarrassed by what happen leaves with Rito under the impression that she hates him now. Kyouko explain to Run what happened to her during her visit at Sainan, however she doesn't tell her about her sudden crush on Rito.

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