To LOVE-ru Darkness
Bangaihen 10
It Feels ~Teacher Who Endures~
TLRD CH28.5 Cover
Volume 7
Release Date 2012
Key Character(s) Tearju Lunatique
Rito Yuuki
Chapter Guide
Chapter 28
Infiltration ~Kyouko! In Trouble!?~
Chapter 29
Manservant ~Competition~

Bangaihen 10: It Feel ~Teacher Who Endures~ is the tenth bangaihen chapter of the To Love-Ru Darkness manga series.


While in Mikado's office, Celine is trying to figure how to work one of Lala's inventions, Tearju wonders if it's alright to leave it with her, although Momo thinks it might be broken seeing how it isn't responding. However when Tearju was just leaving for class, Celine shoots a small chip from the invention and on her back unnoticed and with her image on the screen. It shows that whatever part of the image Celine touches, Tearju will feel it on her actual body. During lesson hour, Tearju is confused by what's happening her, tries to cope with the sensation as she feels very uncomfortable with it, especially since Celine is touching certain parts like her breasts. Things become worse for Tearju as Celine unlocks a new feature that also allows her to pinch Tearju, which she overreacts to and drops a text book on Risa's head, while everyone laughs, Rito notices that Tearju might not be feeling well.

After class, Rito accompanies Tearju to the infirmary, which she is grateful for him noticing. When they reached the stairs, Tearju starts to feel more "aroused" at sudden rate Celine touches her all over, until she reach the point where she trips down the stairs and on top of Rito with a clear view of her panties. As Tearju continues to shudder and on top of him, she then falls unconscious, much to latter's unfortunate timing when Yami shows up thinking he might be doing something to Tearju, Momo shows up to find Tearju on the floor. At the infirmary, Lala explains that the invention that caused Tearju such discomfort is a mecha that lets one massage themselves which she intends to give to Honekawa who has a back pain. While wondering where Rito might be, it turns out that he is still being chased and attacked by Yami.

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