Lala (ララ, Rara) is the twenty-sixth episode of the original To Love-Ru anime.

Summary Edit

Rito has to complete one more test before he is proved to be worthy of princess Lala. The next task, plants are used to make Rito fall asleep, causing him to dream about Haruna and Lala. Haruna manage to make it in time and woke Rito up. After Rito completed the test to prove he is the Number One in the universe, Gid wanted Lala to marry Rito, but Lala states that if Rito wasn't happy with marrying her, she won't. Due to the rules, if Lala didn't marry Rito, the Earth has to be destroyed. However, Lala manages to use her Memory eraser to erase everyone's memory about her. She transferred back to Sainan High School not long after, but everyone had memories of her. Yui states that none of Lala's inventions works as they should, and everything returns to normal.

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