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Little Lala



As the first daughter of King Gid of Deviluke and her unnamed and unseen mother, Lala was born the first princess of the planet Deviluke. She has two known siblings, the twins Nana and Momo, whom she is very close to. As a child she was friends with the Memorze royal Run/Ren, though she seemed to prefer Run who she used to unknowingly torment. She is known to have a rather pleasant relationship with her father as she warmly recalled to Rito of a time that she was lost in the forests of Deviluke and how her father found her and took her back to the palace on his back. It was not long after then that she built Peke the costume robot which allowed her to fly and gave her a permanent friend to always be with. As the first princess and presumed eventual successor to the throne of Deviluke, it appears that she must marry so that both she and her spouse can rule together. As such she was continuously presented with male suitors, all of whom she has turned down. When she finally couldn’t take it any longer, she escaped from her home but some men chased her out of panic she warped to earth so that she could have some freedom and temporary safety.

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